Trevor Lawrence makes up for some lost time in 2021

The only one that Trevor Lawrence What he needed was a positive guide and this has been demonstrated by the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback in a 2022 season that could well be considered his first real experience in the NFL.

Naturally for a quarterback drafted as the No. 1 overall pick in the draft (2021), the pains in his development will be evident and will express themselves in losses for his team, but the hand of coach Doug Pederson is already reflected in Lawrence’s performance, who will have a good parameter in the Denver Broncos’ defense to measure his progress during the duel to be held at Wembley Stadium in London, England (9:30 pm ET/ESPN Deportes).

If something characterizes the Broncos’ defensive front line, it is the constant pressure applied to the rival passer and that has resulted in 22 sacks in the current season (third in the league) and it is precisely in the line of charges where it is most note Lawrence’s development in his second year in the NFL.

The Jaguars quarterback hasn’t been sacked when pressured by five or more defenders and his completion percentage is 68.0 percent under those circumstances, plus his average yards per pass thrown is 7.1 and his rating of 86 points.

Those numbers stand in stark contrast to what he had in 2021, when a rookie’s natural anxiety was made more apparent by the rarefied environment around him by the Urban Meyer regime. Last season, Lawrence only completed 50 percent of his passes, his average yards per pass was 4.9, his rating was 34 points and in all, he suffered 10 sacks when he was hit with cargo packages.

Lawrence’s attitude in the pocket in 2022 is different and he is more assertive in making decisions, as reflected in the average 2.65 seconds he takes to throw a pass from the start of the play to rank ninth. among qualified quarterbacks. In 2021, he finished in 23rd place with 2.87 seconds. The 0.22 second reduction is the second largest behind only the 0.36 second reduction. Jalen Hurts.

The signs of talent and progress are there, but in his first real apprenticeship year, Lawrence has suffered setbacks that a rebuilding Jaguars are still unable to reverse in their favor and it is at this point that Pederson’s work is noticed. .

“We’re going to be patient,” the coach said a few weeks ago, discussing the development of his 23-year-old quarterback. “Our job as coaches is to make sure he gets better every week, pointing out the good and the bad. That’s the way to grow.”

Facing an overwhelming defense like that of the Broncos is also a lesson that helps in that growth process and Lawrence also has a tool that contributes his grain of sand and it is a good running game and to the extent that the young passer of the Broncos Jaguars take advantage of him, his development will be even more remarkable and will make up for more of the lost time in 2021.

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Trevor Lawrence makes up for some lost time in 2021