Top NFL Teams – Week 2 Season 2021

After what happened in week 1, we have a new list of the best teams in the NFL, now for week 2. Let’s see how much things changed against what was presented the previous week:

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 1 (=)

This team was seen as we expected: as a team that did not have casualties and that has been playing at a good level. With so many weapons and group experience, it looks like things will be going well, and even better when you consider that they are going against the Falcons this week.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 3 (+1)

OK, the Browns gave them a chance to come back in the game. Thing is, the Chiefs aren’t the type of team to go down every week, so he missed a good chance to trip them up in the postseason race.

3. Los Angeles Ramspr 1 lar

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 8 (+5)

The Rams looked like the offensive machine they hoped to be with Matthew Stafford at the controls. True, you have to calm expectations considering that they faced the Bears, but it is impossible not to think that they have one of the best teams in the NFL.

4. Seattle Seahawkspr sea 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 7 (+3)

Last week I put the Seahawks at No. 7 and it seemed a bit risky. They looked good against Indianapolis and I’ll risk moving them up three more spots among the best teams in the NFL. His game against the Titans will help confirm or reject the idea that they should be so high.

5. Buffalo Billspr buf 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 2 (-3)

Here I have severe doubts: on the one hand I still believe that they are one of the best teams in the NFL, and on the other I cannot forget that they lost a game that they should have won. His game against the Dolphins could be his redemption.

6. Cleveland Brownspr cle 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 4 (-2)

Let’s be honest: losing to the Chiefs in a game where they were in control is painful, but it’s also not a sign that you’re suddenly very bad. For now, we take away a couple of spots among the best teams in the NFL and look forward to seeing their result against the Texans.

7. Los Angeles Chargerspr lac 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 14 (+7)

The way this offensive line dominated the Washington front seven should be a warning that this team could be a big surprise in 2021, especially since all its stars are healthy.

8. Pittsburgh Steelerspr pit 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 18 (+10)

It is clear that Mike Tomlin knows how to put together teams that arrive well prepared at the start of the season. The question is whether this incarnation of the Steelers will not have the same fate as the 2020 version.

Top NFL teams from 9th to 16th place:

9. Miami Dolphinspr mia 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 9 (=)

They managed to escape with the victory, although the important thing for them is that they took the victory. The game against Buffalo offers a wonderful opportunity to start the season with two victories against divisional rivals. We’ll see if it reaches them in week 2.

10. San Francisco 49erspr sf 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 11 (+1)

It was quite possible that at 41-17 his place on this list would have been higher. As the match ended 41-33, some extra doubts are generated that make us stop them a bit in their ascent. At the moment they close the Top 10 of our Power Ranking.

11. Baltimore Ravenspr bal 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 6 (-5)

Losing to the Raiders on two turnovers by Lamar Jackson is a bad sign. At the very least, it shows that the injuries suffered so far will have a negative effect on this group.

12. Arizona Cardinalspr ari 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 15 (+3)

Chandler Jones had a great game against the Titans, and if the defense can keep up with that pace, then things will continue to climb for the Cardinals.

13. New Orleans Saintspr no 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 16 (+3)

The Saints did quite a bit this week by totally dominating the Packers. The Panthers are theoretically a lower level team than Green Bay, so they should be 2-0. If that happens, we will review if they should upload more.

14. Green Bay Packerspr gb 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 5 (-9)

The loss to the Saints was a disaster on many levels. On the one hand you have to wonder if they were right to retain Aaron Rodgers, and on the other you have to question the work of the defense. They have talent, but they didn’t show it.

15. Dallas Cowboyspr dal 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 12 (-3)

Was it a loss that left a good taste in your mouth? Yes. Is it enough to buy the Cowboys that are contenders? Not at all. Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, and Gronk burned them enough to drop them on the list.

16. Denver Broncospr den 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 20 (+4)

This team is far from being a contender, but their performance against the Giants gives the impression that they are on the right track. The best part of all this is that the 2-0 looks doable because it’s up to the Jaguars to visit.

Our NFL Power Ranking with teams 17-24:

17. Washington Football Teampr was 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 13 (-4)

Things went wrong on both sides of the ball, and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s injury restarts the QB carousel in the US capital. We’ll see if Taylor Heinicke can finally be the one to stabilize this position.

18. Tennessee Titanspr ten 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 10 (-8)

What he saw against the Cardinals set off the alarm lights in Tennessee: Is this his true level? The game against the Seahawks will give us a lot more information on that.

19. New England Patriotspr ne 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 19 (=)

We discussed it before: Mac Jones’ first year will be one of ups and downs. On the one hand he played well, but in the end he was not enough to win the game, although the taste of the Pats’ mouth is favorable. Against the Jets they could correct the way.

20. Las Vegas Raiderspr oak 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 24 (+4)

Let’s be honest: the Raiders did a lot of things that could have ruled the game in Baltimore’s favor. Having taken the victory gives them a better outlook for week 2, but still cannot claim victory with them.

21. Indianapolis Coltspr ind 1

2020 record: 0-1

Previous position: 17 (-4)

Carson Wentz did play but the Colts couldn’t cope with the Seahawks. The biggest problem for this team is that week 2 will offer an even more difficult opponent, since they have to face the Rams.

22. Cincinnati Bengalspr cin 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 25 (+3)

Did you see Joe Burrow’s 50-yard pass to Ja’Marr Chase? Well, that play calmed everyone who was concerned about the rookie catcher’s hands. It looks like the Bengals have a team to compete a lot more in 2021.

23. Philadelphia Eaglespr phi 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 28 (+5)

Jalen Hurts put on a great game against the Falcons, something that comes in handy for everyone in Philadelphia because it creates the feeling that they are on the right track. It is necessary to see them against more complicated opponents but, at least, they look better than expected.

24. Carolina Pantherspr car 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 27 (+3)

If the Panthers are going to judge Sam Darnold’s trade for what he did in Week 1, then they must feel pretty good. Now they need their new QB to be able to repeat the performance against opponents with whom he does not have that emotional past.

The worst teams in our Power Ranking:

25. Minnesota Vikingspr min 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 21 (-4)

The apparent end of the Kirk Cousins ​​era in Minnesota began with a little more than the usual dose: unfulfilled expectations and the feeling that this team has been deteriorating as the years of the quarterback contract that was supposedly “the last piece” in the search for a Super Bowl.

26. Chicago Bearspr chi 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 23 (-3)

Let’s be honest: The Bears’ problems go way beyond Andy Dalton. The defense, which is supposed to be the strong part, was totally dominated by the Rams attack. Justin Fields will give a spark, but it doesn’t seem like it could be enough to ignite this team.

27. New York Giantspr nyg 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 22 (-5)

The offense could do little and the defense took it upon themselves to convince the Broncos that they are more than confident in the QB position. There are few favorable things to say about this team after week 1, and they have a short week for their next game.

28. New York Jetspr nyj 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 29 (+1)

The most painful part of this week’s loss must be that it got to Sam Darnold, the QB they got rid of to bring in Zach Wilson. And the worst thing is that now they have to face New England.

29. Detroit Lionspr det 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 30 (+1)

We are going to give them one more place because they made some noise at the end of the match, but we cannot forget that it was 41-17 about six minutes from finishing.

30. Atlanta Falconspr atl 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 26 (-4)

The Falcons’ season was not looking good, but seeing them dominated by the Eagles leaves even more questions about how they will fare in 2021. The good news is that they could have a top pick in the next draft.

31. Houston Texanspr hou 1

Record: 1-0

Previous position: 32 (+1)

Yes, I know they won a game, but that does not generate as much excitement as some might think. They beat a few Jaguars who looked more lost than Bill O’Brien in managing this team. I don’t think they will find many rivals like that in the rest of the year. Well, until they face the Jaguars again.

32. Jacksonville Jaguarspr jac 1

Record: 0-1

Previous position: 31 (-1)

Trevor Lawrence lost his first regular season game of his life (we talked about it in Stories to say WOW!), and the least hopeful thing about this is that they did it against the worst team in the league on paper. The season will be very difficult for the Jaguars.

These are our Power Rankings with the best teams in the NFL for Week 2 of the 2021 NFL Season. What changes would you make? We await your comments under this article and on our social networks, in addition to that we will see you at 6:00 pm to talk about this list on our Twitch channel.