Manny Ramírez fears that MLB will steal the MVP from Vladimir Guerrero Jr., just as they did with him

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is having a season worthy of an MVP playerHowever, for a large part of the journalists, who in their majority are voters for the prizes distributed MLB At the end of the season, he believes that the clear favorite to win the AL Most Valuable Player Award is still the Japanese from the Angels, Shohei ohtani.

Vladdy Jr. leads most departments on offense in the young circuit, and he would only need to tow. seven runs to catch up with Venezuelan Salvador Pérez (110) and put himself at the mercy of winning the Triple Crown, which was last won by Miguel Carrera nine years ago.

Despite the excellent numbers that the Dominican has put in so far this year, due to the rumors in the press, even winning the Triple Crown he would be far from staying with the MVP, comments that have annoyed the former outfielder and idol of the Boston Red Sox, Manny Ramirez, who in an interview with the journalist Héctor Gómez, through a live on Instagram, he lashed out at voters for injustices (racism) which, according to the former slugger, have committed against several players of Latin American origin, including himself.

“What they want to do to that boy (Vladdy Jr.) is an injustice, the same as they did to me in the Major Leagues. I am supposed to have four MVPs, if you check my numbers, they are all to be MVP ”. Argued Manny, who in 19 seasons in the best baseball in the world, could never be named Most Valuable Player.

In short, Ramírez fears that the MVP will be taken from Vladimir Guerrero Jr., because in his opinion, he is the one who deserves it the most, above Ohtani.

“When you give the power to the reporters (voters), so that they can elect the MVP, they can do what they want and that is an injustice because they have never played ball.”

For Manny Ramirez, what the Blue Jays’ first baseman has done “is an impressive thing” and he should be this year’s MVP. The former major league gunner recalled what they did to Miguel Andújar (Yankees) in 2018, when he had everything going for him to be Rookie of the Year, but in the end it was Shohei Ohtani who got the most votes.