Tom Brady and the 5 best plays of week 17 in the NFL 2021


The seventeenth week of action in NFL 2021 has passed and here are the five best plays of the day, including a key pass from Tom Brady.

Tom Brady.
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The National Football League (NFL) He’s already finished his 15th week of the 2021 season and left a lot of incredible action to analyze. The teams work together and with rhythm, and you can see more and more exciting plays that we show you here.

The most beautiful thing about the best American football league in the world is that there will never be a lack of good plays. The spectacularity is part of the sport And with elite athletes, the chances of observing memorable actions are high.

From Bolavip We are going to show you what were the best five plays of the tenth date, where it had several protagonists, including Tom brady, the quarterback of Tampa bay buccaneers who had an incredible and important touchdown pass.

5. Garrett Bradbury – Minnesota Vikings

Really the only good and fun thing that happened for the Vikings in the beating they received from the Packers. The center Garrett bradbury caught the ball after a carom and made the longest play of Minnesota until then and almost that of the game: He ran 20 yards.

4. Tom Brady and Cyril Grayson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

One more time, Tom brady get the epic. In a match where Antonio Brown abandoned the Bucs in the third quarter, Tampa bay he was trailing by four and had a minute without time outs to score the touchdown. There, Brady he connected with Cyril Grayson, an unknown receiver, to make a nice TD and super clutch.

3. Andre Roberts – Los Angeles Chargers

The receiver and specialist Andre Roberts honored the name and logo of Los Angeles Chargers and achieved a annotation absolutely epic. 101 yards in the return kick where he eluded several players and went from one end of the court to the other.

2. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase – Cincinnati Bengals

Here, Burrow it is courtesy nothing more. This play is 100% merit of the receiver Ja’Marr Chase, which had a great game with more than 200 yards and 3 touchdowns. In this one of 72, after catching the ball, he eludes a defender and accelerates to leave behind the entire defense of Kansas city. An animal.

1. Chris Banjo and Jonathan Ward – Arizona Cardinals

Again, Banjo It is for a formality. It is a play in which they cheat to clear, it is delivered by the aforementioned defender, who gives a pass to Jonathan Ward What makes the catch of the year: The catch with one hand and the help of the defender’s helmet. One of the weirdest things ever seen in the NFL.


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Tom Brady and the 5 best plays of week 17 in the NFL 2021