Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen make millionaire divorce official

Bloomberg — NFL superstar Tom Brady and model Gisele Bundchen have finalized their divorce, ending a 13-year union between two of the top earners in sports and fashion.

The couple announced Friday on Instagram that they were making their separation official.

“In the last few days, my wife and I finalized our divorce,” Brady said in his post. “We came to this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time we have spent together. We have been blessed with beautiful and wonderful children who will continue to be the center of our world in every way.”

Bundchen said in his own statement that the couple had “distancing” throughout their marriage.

“Although it is of course difficult to go through something like that, I feel blessed for the time we had together and I only wish the best for Tom always,” said the supermodel.

The news comes after weeks of speculation, as well as reports that the couple hired divorce lawyers earlier this month. In a cover story for the magazine sheBundchen, who put her modeling career on hold to focus on raising the couple’s two children, said she was returning to work.

“I feel very fulfilled in that sense, as a mother and as a wife,” Bundchen said in the interview. “And now it’s going to be my turn.”

power couple

Although Brady and Bundchen’s net worth doesn’t come close to the money that was at stake in the divorces of Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates or Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott, they have been among the highest-paid professionals in their respective fields.

Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion, has earned more than $332 million in 23 seasons in the National Football League., according to the Spotrac financial database. Has endorsement deals with Under Armor Inc. (AAU) and Hertz Global Holdings Inc. (HTZ) among other great brands. He is currently the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and plans to join Fox Sports as an analyst once he finishes his playing career. The size of that deal is unclear: Fox refuted a New York Post report that said it was valued at $375 million over 10 years.

Bundchen has had deals with big brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and H&M. She was also a long-time model for Victoria’s Secret & Co.

The pair also took a stake in crypto firm FTX in 2021 as part of a long-term partnership. The company was last valued at $32 billion in January.

an unfinished business

Brady had announced his retirement from the NFL in February. In a lengthy post on social media, he said he needed to “focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention” and called his and Bundchen’s family his “greatest accomplishment.”

At the time, Bundchen also took to social media to voice his support for Brady’s withdrawal. “I know how excited you are for the next chapter of your life,” he said.

A month and a half later, Brady reversed his decision. “I have realized that my place is still on the field and not in the stands,” he wrote.

The Buccaneers finished the 2021 season with a 13-4 record, and have lost five of their last six games.


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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen make millionaire divorce official