The performance of rookies at the moment in the NFL

The 2021 season of the

It has left us pleasant conclusions, but if we do not focus on the participation of the rookies this season, there are several names that start to appear in the deck of items of immediate impact for each of its franchises, which bet a lot on this Draft.

So far, there is a clear stat leader in this area:

Ja´Marr Chase, the Cincinnati wide receiver has driven the entire Los Angeles fans crazy BengalsAlthough the criticism was quite severe against him during the preseason, he has dispelled all kinds of questions in and out of the locker room. He currently has the most receiving yards in history for a rookie in his first 7 NFL games (754yds.) He currently has 21.5 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns of 34 yards or more. The chemistry they generated Joe Burrow and Ja´Marr Chase at LSU, she has been transferred to the most important grids in this league, so the rookie of the year title is within her reach, an award that a receiver has not won since Odell Beckham Jr. in 2014.

49 ers destroy Bengals!

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Important mention that it deserves Kyle Pitts, the tight end of Atlanta. While it is true that it took him a few weeks to show his true potential, since that duel against Miami in London, Pitts he broke out with a 119-yard game and a touchdown and has been unable to stop him ever since. He currently has 471 yards and a touchdown reception, however, the threat that the presence of this tight end represents for rival defenses is quite important, which is why one of the most interesting prospects of this year is expected to have a rest of the season with quite outstanding performances.

On the other hand, we have Najee harris, the rookie runner of Steelers has already shown that he may be the heir to the old glories of Le´Veon Bell and James conner. Having added 1,891 yards and 30 touchdowns in his final season with the University of Alabama, Harris came with a large sign to this NFLAnd while Pittsburgh is certainly not at its best, this 23-year-old running back definitely has what it takes. Having scored at least one touchdown in his last three games, Najee is beginning to pick up a pace on offense, which can greatly benefit him, especially since the receiving corps is not as healthy as Mike Tomlin would like. With 632 yards and 4 touchdowns, this running back is having a dream career start.

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Finally, DeVonta Smith, with his 406 yards he is currently the leading receiver of Philadelphia Eagles. Very similar to what happened with Ja´Marr Chase in Cincinnati, Phili decided to look for an old comic between Jalen hurst and SmithThat connection that brought so much joy to the University of Alabama not so many years ago is taking a long time to react this year. While is true that DeVonta He is the player with the highest number of targets (53) in the franchise, he has not managed to score another touchdown after the one of week number 1, having games of less than 40 yards, so he begins to lag behind in the race for the best offensive rookie of 2021 in the NFL.


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The performance of rookies at the moment in the NFL