The NFL is positive on COVID

Since March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic began in America, there have not been as many positive cases in the NFL and in the rest of the US leagues as in recent weeks. Even so, the league has declared that matches will not be suspended and that everything will continue as before.

Is it a good NFL decision under the circumstances? Is irresponsible? Players have regular check-ups, and those who are not vaccinated must pass daily COVID tests. The care is a lot, not for nothing do they know about all the cases that have now occurred.

Last year the NFL was one of the leagues that took the most precautions, that postponed more games and that in many things set precedents for what was later the management of other competitions and, even, the Tokyo Olympic Games. It seems to me that if they have learned something, it is that cases and infections do not decrease or improve with these measures, but the losses in other senses are much greater.. In other words, the cost-benefit is very expensive.

The NFL’s earnings in one season are billionaire. And it is not that they are only thinking about the business, that also; But how many families depend on that income and on the league maintaining its activity. This, of course, speaking beyond the players and the franchises. That without taking into account the social good that sports do, much more in situations of illness, confinement or isolation.

I think they have taken it as an opportunity, taking advantage of the fact that there are games practically every day. They are growing the cake and they are growing it for everyone, being able to continue with the control and care that the number of infections requires. Although it sounds contradictory.

The coronavirus is a reality and we have to live despite that. We have to live with it. The NFL is being an example of how to take advantage of a bad situation. The NFL is positive about COVID.

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The NFL is positive on COVID