The 5 things we learned from NFL Week 9

With the expansion of the calendar to 17 games for each of the 32 teamsWe can say that the NFL has already crossed its middle part of the season with a week that threw more surprises than certainties.

Not including today’s Monday Night Football, Week 9 left almost any pool infertile by including nine games in which the favorite ended up as a victim. Unexpected losses to Buffalo, Dallas, Los Angeles Rams, Las Vegas altered the landscape of both the NFC and the AFC.

Perhaps one of the few questions answered during the games on Sunday was las related to Tennessee and Arizona. Both teams showed that they can win despite being decimated.

Denver, Jacksonville, Kansas City and the New York Giants entered their respective games with a .500 winning percentage or less and defeated a team that started the day at the top of their division. It is the first time that has occurred since December 18, 2011.

It was the first time since November 12, 2006 that cInco teams that in betting were placed as underdogs by five points, won the games.

“Anyone can beat anyone”, It is a phrase that sounds like a cliché, but it is a reality.

Long-yard plays also featured three touchdowns from at least one 85-yard return. Minnesota’s Kene Nwangwu (98-yard kickoff return), New England’s JC Jackson (interception return) and Cleveland’s Denzel Ward (99-yard interception return).

The Titans know how to win without Derrick Henry

In their first game of several without their rhino Derrick Henry, the Titans beat the Rams in another of the odds-breaking results.

The Titans have jumped into an updraft by beating the Colts last week, demolishing Kansas City eight days earlier and edging out Buffalo.

This campaign They are 6-0 against Playoff teams in 2020. They are first in the AFC and are on a five-win streak, four of them as underdogs.

To think that they are not legitimate Super Bowl contenders is to be unaware of their potential.

Jaguars, the weakest rival, but not against Bills

The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Buffalo Bills 9-6. While they kept the offense that scored the most points per game (32.7), outside the touchdown zone, they again showed that against Buffalo they are enlarged. Since the Jaguars beat the Bills 10-3 in the 2017 postseason, Buffalo has a 36-23 record, while the Jaguars 14-43, however on Sunday they showed again that on Bills they maintain a winning trend in the most recent games. .

It is the fourth time since 1970 that an opponent with more than 32 points per game has gone without a touchdown.

Lamar Jackson keeps pace to compete for MVP

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson threw for 266 yards and three touchdowns plus 120 rushing yards in his team’s overtime win over Minnesota. Jackson is the first man in NFL history to record multiple career games with at least three touchdown passes and 100 grabs per run. He tied Michael Vick for the quarterbacks with the most games of 100 or more yards, totaling 10 games.

The Ravens overcame a 14-point deficit to take the game into overtime.

Lamar Jackson led the 14-point rebound to take the game into overtime

This campaign already registered 13 games that required overtime, the fourth-most in history within the first nine weeks of the season.

The Packers aren’t ready to end the Aaron Rodgers era

Jordan Love’s first game as the Packers’ starting quarterback was anything but perfect.

Even his parents had a bad afternoon when they were placed on top of the stadium despite the fact that their son was one of the figures on the field.

Love seemed lifeless for much of the game. The loss to Kansas City can be costly down the road when it comes to getting the seeds into the playoffs. Green Bay’s pulse returned. until the last period when he managed to finish with 19 completions of 34 attempts for 190 yards. However, the Packers was ineffective on the third down, making just two of 12 attempts against one of the weakest defenses of the season.

At the moment Rodgers is in the eye of the hurricane after testing positive for covid, but one thing must be sure, there is no one at the moment that gives the Packers a better chance of winning than him.

Chargers passed the turbulence.

When it looked like the Chargers would lose their third straight game, Justin Herbert proved he belongs to the group of quarterbacks who are a notch above the rest by leading an offense that led to the winning field goal. He is the first player to arrive to 600 completions in his first 25 games as a starter. At 23 years and 242 days of age, he has a completion percentage of 84.2 for, the second highest for a player 23 and younger.

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The 5 things we learned from NFL Week 9