Another scandal: the Blazers investigate their president

In the same week in which the scandal of the Suns, where their main owner (Robert Sarver) is going to be investigated by the League to clarify some accusations of racism and misogyny among other niceties, another arrives. An examination has also been open in Portland since recently. In his case, against the president and executed by the organization itself, which has hired an outside firm, O’Melveny & Myers, to conduct the first worker interviews.

Jody Allen, the owner of the Trail Blazers, has taken the lead to clarify the criticism that has reached her ears. The investigations have been uncovered by The Athletic, which has tried unsuccessfully to obtain statements from those involved. At least one employee has reported a formal complaint to the owner to combat alleged inappropriate behavior by the president, Neil Olshey, towards his subordinates.

Olshey has been in the eye of the storm since he signed Chauncey Billups as coach, which also angered the great star of the team by the little support of the fans for this decision. Indeed a journalist very well connected with Damian Lillard, Chris Haynes, has given more details in Yahoo! especially this mess. There are workers who are asking for a change in management that, as a result of this, could arrive in the near future.

A work environment “hostile” and “toxic” in which staff members have been subjected to “intimidation through blasphemies full of brawls” and other techniques of the mobbing. This is how the situation that has been exposed outside the franchise is described.

Olshey, 56, has been with the franchise since 2012. The franchise snatched him from the Clippers nearly a decade ago and has been behind Terry Stotts’ extensive stint on the Blazers bench, a completed run that has put him in the dark. to the entire franchise, also in the office, for the supposed techniques of the one who is now the president.

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Another scandal: the Blazers investigate their president