Simeone’s happiness

DEspus of a new eternal extension, with that of Vigo already adding the rojiblancos almost 15 extra minutes of play, Simeone left running to the changing rooms of the Metropolitan. An image that will not be special since it is something he is used to once the final whistle sounds if it were not for the jump of joy he gave just before entering the changing room tunnel. Someone may think excessive when they are on matchday 2. Only the Argentine coach knows the difficulty that this beginning of the course entails for his team. The Atltico looked at the selection break as the date to keep the players in optimal conditions, and for the moment he is going to reach the last meeting before the leader stop and with two out of two.

“The preparation for all the coaches has not been easy, and even less for us, we were the ones who had the most players with the national team, many in South America. Nobody cares, but the rhythms of the game vary, we have to compensate for the weekly jobs , to incorporate everyone … “These are the words of Simeone after the victory against those of Fran Escrib. It has not been an easy preparation and less for the Atltico as Cholo makes clear. The Eurocup, the Copa America, the Gold Cup and the Olympic Games have fully affected the team’s preseason. The fear of not starting off on the right foot and being able to get a little off the hook was evident. At the moment test passed. Villarreal’s visit to the Metropolitan remains to close a perfect start.


In Balados the team surprised with more dynamism than expected. In front of Elche, either because of the heat or because of the organized game that the Elche team proposed, a heavier face of the Atltico was seen. The loss of Hermoso forced Kondogbia to delay his position and the team took notice. The midfielder had been one of the most prominent in Vigo and he is seen with a higher rhythm than the rest of the midfield players. That rhythm was lacking in the construction of the game. Koke and De Paul are still far from optimal shape. That is why Simeone celebrated the victory against Elche with such vehemence, they were three golden points for the rojiblancos.

Now, with Villarreal at the bottom of the week, players called to be fundamental in the league champion are starting to add minutes. Trippier and Surez are getting closer and closer to returning to the starting XI. In the next few days Felipe, Joao Flix, Herrera will join the squad … and the team will gain troops. In front of the people of Elche, the Cholo only made three changes. The aforementioned Trippier and Surez and a Renan Lodi who has just played the final of the Copa America. The rest of the substitutes were homegrown players or a Nehun Prez who still has his future to solve. With the recovery of personnel and the passage of weeks, a better version of the equipment will be able to be seen. For now, Cholo is happy with his six points.