Shock in Italy over the crisis of a historic Serie A club: Chievo Verona has ceased to exist

The historic club closed its doors forever. Photo: REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo
The historic club closed its doors forever. Photo: REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo

Sunday was a historic day in northern Italy. A day that will remain in the memory of the tifosi for the pain that caused the definitive closure of a historic team that for years was active in the A series. The Chievo verona who was currently going to compete in the fourth division, to which he was relegated by administrative sanctions, it ceased to exist as a result of severe economic insolvency.

In the last hours the disappearance of the Italian entity was consummated because could not cope with financial problems that caused its administrative descent to the fourth category. The leaders of the Chievo verona wanted to rebuild the club, according to the newspaper Sports world, “starting from the ground up“, but they failed to find an investor before the limit that had been set by the Italian football authorities.

That is why it was that last midnight the entity of Verona closed the doors definitively After sportingly she had been punished to participate in minor categories due to her negative balances. After his foray into Serie B, the second category of Italian football, this season he had to face his resurrection from the fourth category, but the institution that had been founded in 1929, has ceased to exist.

That team that knew how to play the Europa League on the 2001/02 season, after the fifth place obtained in the domestic championship and that in the last time had figures of the stature of Leandro Paredes (currently at PSG), Maxi lopez (ex Barcelona), the historic Sergio Pellissier (135 goals in 495 games) and To the bathroom Bizzarri (ex Real Madrid) will not go out on the field again. He hadn’t even played officially since last July.

The institution experienced a similar stage in 1936 when due to lack of resources he was not accepted to compete in the Verona Regional League and It was refounded after the Second War thanks to the townspeople, an initiative that he promoted for the team to wear the colors of the city. Lately, bad decisions and ineffective management led the club to put an end to its history.