San Francisco 49ers, with the mission of being the 1 team in Mexico

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The San Francisco 49ers of the NFL They have the objective of positioning themselves as the favorite team of the Mexican fans in this American League, assured this Wednesday the president of the gambusinos, to Guido.

“Actually, it’s not just about investing in the market for the next five years, but about build the next generation of fans Y keep them to be the number one team“, Accepted the manager at a press conference.

As of January this year the NFL started the program “The International Home Marketing Area” that assigned the franchises of the League to countries outside of USA to market its brand through various activities for five years.

Mexico was assigned to San Francisco 49ersalong with eight other teams, and guide He explained that a good way to increase that taste that there is already for gambusinos in this country is with the formation of a squad full of figures like the one they have.

I know our fans, they are going to have a lot of fun with our team. we have a young man Trey Lancewhich is captivating everyone, stars like George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, Trent Williams and Nick Bosa; are some of the best NFL“, showed off.

As a sign of the pleasure that the Mexican fans have for their team, he pointed out how quickly the tickets for the regular season game on November 21 at the Aztec stadium where the 49ers will play the Arizona Cardinals.

No wonder they’re running lowI trust that for us it will be like a home game and we will confirm that as soon as his ‘quarterback’ has the first offensive, there we will know how loud our fans are“.

to Guido accepted that many of the Mexican fans that support them date back to the 80s and 90s, when the team’s legend, the field marshal joe montanaled them to win four super bowls.

“We know that we inherit fans for certain figures of our team, but today we have an excellent job with the new generations thanks for example to George Kittle, Deebo Samuel Wrightit’s our guys they want to follow.”

The president of the 49ers He stressed that having a good team is not enough if it is not backed by sporting successes.

“We were very close last year. We play great football in rival territories with our fans always following us, especially in the last game against the rams. We know what the path is and the first thing is to win our division.”

in 2021 San Francisco lost the final of the National Conference before the rams; before he beat the cowboys in the wild card round and the packers in the division series.

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San Francisco 49ers, with the mission of being the 1 team in Mexico