San Francisco 49ers 2021 NFL Season Analysis

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A new era in the Bay seemed to start with everything in the 2021 NFL Season; however, the arrival through the front door of rookie QB Trey Lance at the controls of the San Francisco 49ers will at least have to wait for this year. Before that, what we had was a kind of “last dance” of Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm of the Niners.

After a 2020 in which they were one of the teams hardest hit by significant injuries, SF’s rally became a growing symphony, with key victories putting them one game away from Super Bowl LVI. Let’s review the best and worst of the season from this ensemble.

The 2021 49ers season

Las Vegas casinos were predicting them 10.5 wins in the 2021 season, of which they achieved 10. With a playoff run that ended in the NFC Final, the 49ers’ season can be called a success, depending on how it pans out. take defeat final. According to ESPN, these were the final rankings of the 49ers among the 32 NFL teams

Offensive #7 Defense #3
By Air #12 By Air #6
By Land #7 By Land #7
By Points #13 By Points #10

Great balance between top 10 offense and top 5 defense, a team that is nothing like the one shown last year, but very similar to the one that made it to the Super Bowl two seasons ago. Despite going through a major slump in the season, losing four in a row for week 7 and having a 2-4 record at that time, they knew how to overcome it until their bye week (6).

From there, they only added 3 losses again and with their 10-7 record they reached the end of the regular season with the hope of being able to enter the playoffs. Thanks to a spectacular match against their divisional rival, the Los Angeles Rams, they achieved it and entered as the 6th seed in the NFC

For the Super Wild Card Weekend they visited a classic rival, the Dallas Cowboys and in what was definitely the best game of the day they surpassed them after a hearty 23-17 defined literally until the last second, to advance to the division game.

Against all odds, they met the Green Bay Packers again, this time at the Lambeau and once again came out on top thanks to a Robbie Gould 13-10 field goal in the middle of a frigid encounter. Thus, thanks to an exceptional defense, they managed to advance to the NFC final where they met the same rivals that had given them life, the Rams, whom they met for the third time this year.

After missing an interception attempt that practically gave them a spot in the Super Bowl, they ended up falling 20-17, after seeing Deebo Samuel undone on the field of play and then a Jimmy Garoppolo with an air of farewell in the conference of press.

The 49ers 2021 season MVP

Deebo Samuel, W.R.

an authentic utilities for the team; a player slex in the full extent of the word. Head coach Kyle Shanahan used Samuel as he saw fit and boy did the move work out having a player who can be used as a WR and in the backfield running the ball.D

After 77 receptions for 1,405 yards and 6 passing TDs, coupled with 365 rushing yards and 8 other rushing TDs, there is certainly no player more valuable to San Francisco’s offense than Deebo. His appointment to the All Pro first team guarantees his quality

The best moment of his 2021 season

This season, San Francisco was characterized by never giving up even in the worst moments, something that was evident at halftime of the meeting of week 18 against the Rams. Losing 3-17, they overcame to tie the match in regular time at 24 points so that in overtime a winning FG would give them the away victory and, incidentally, the ticket to the playoffs.

These Niners had to be thrown twice to beat them, and this game was a clear example of that.

His worst moment of the season

After a spectacular game of defense and a surprise pass to the NFC Final, the 49ers met again against the Rams, again in Los Angeles. However, now the result was not flattering for them. They failed to score points in the first and fourth quarters, the defense couldn’t do all the work, and an interception drop by Jaquiski Tartt that practically gave San Francisco the victory, added to an interception by Jimmy G, decided the game. for Los Angeles.

Seeing Deebo Samuel crying on the sidelines at the end of the game was the worst moment for the team and for the Niners fans.

What to expect from the 49ers in 2022?

A new beginning… will it be? If they get rid of Jimmy G before Free Agency, they release considerable money against the salary cap so it is very possible that the number 10 player will not return to the Bay, and thus the Trey Lance era begins at the helm of this team.

Along with Elijah Mitchell (entering his second year after a great debut) and the spectacular George Kittle and Deebo Samuel, a renewed attack is forecast to complement a tough defense led by Nick Bosa, a promising future is glimpsed for San Francisco, which he will have to adjust to cover the departure of offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel to become the Dolphins’ head coach.

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San Francisco 49ers 2021 NFL Season Analysis