Rookie quarterbacks suffer at the start of the 2021 NFL season

Marco Montoya


The litter of quarterbacks who made it to the NFL in 2021 stole the spotlight for his precedent in college. National champions, stars ready for the highest level; however, so far they have suffered on the big stage. Of four rookie quarterbacks who were given the opportunity, only one has managed to win as a starter.

Trevor lawrence lost twice in his university career, now he already has the same number of defeats with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The recruited with the first global selection has the status of generational player, but not even that has facilitated his adaptation.

Add more interceptions than touchdown passes; the Texans three passes were stolen, something unexpected considering that Houston possesses one of the defenses with the fewest elements of renown. Despite having receptors like DJ Chark and Marvin Jones, his completion percentage is 50 percent.

The bet of the ‘Jags’ is long term, ‘Sunshine’ has a rookie coach in Urban meyer. Quarterback and rookie coach is often a dangerous combination in a league full of seasoned players.

Zach Wilson has had worse luck, will reach Week 3 after suffering four interceptions against Patriots. His hasty decisions have come in part because his linemen have failed to protect him, he already leads the league with 10 sacks received.

Behind the bag he has lacked time to locate his teammates, nor has he shown the versatility he had in Brigham Young. He has barely managed to put 20 units on the scoreboard. While the Jets suffer, Sam darnold, his previous quarterback, is undefeated with the Panthers.

An injury to Andy dalton will open the door to Justin fields to take the controls in the Bears. The graduate of Ohio State has had sporadic appearances after two weeks. In view of Cincinnati he looked more like a runner; he completed six of 13 passes for 60 yards while on the ground carried the ball 10 times.

Maybe he already has a touchdown on a carry, but he hasn’t thrown a touchdown delivery yet, against the Bengals. Dalton commanded a scoring series, the defense returned an interception to the diagonals and the number 1 number only managed to go as far as the field goal zone.

Mac Jones He is the only rookie passer who has won as a starter, the New England player has been conservative, but that has allowed him to continue still without throwing an interception.

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Next to him is Bill Belichick, the six-time Super Bowl champion coach who could remain undefeated this season; however, on opening week a runner fumble Damien Harris, ended that possibility.

All four passers combine for seven touchdowns and eleven interceptions, the learning process will require patience.


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