Released players, by Santi Nolla

Released players by Santi Nolla

Barça played a great game the day after Messi. Without number one talent is lost, but yesterday it was won together. Some players appeared as more liberated, without the logical Messidependence when Leo was, and with greater daring. The speed of the movement of the ball increased and, above all, the pressure. On some occasions, FC Barcelona made it ahead and surprised a Real who reacted in the second half with a Blaugrana defensive error and a masterful launch of Oyarzabal in a fault that could not be sanctioned.

Koeman played the trick of Braithwaite in front next to Griezmann Y Memphis and it came out round. He was surely one of the footballers who appeared looser, also after gaining weight in the Eurocup and his double was decisive in the final triumph, which began with a header from Pique to the center of Memphis. Gerard became the Blaugrana hero yesterday and came out at the end of the game to explain that the rest of the captains will also adjust salaries, after Sunrise off whistled at the time of singing the lineup. In the 10th minute there were shouts of “Messi, Messi” and some whistle, but the team wanted to leave the past behind and start a new stage. He did it.

Barça had already fired twice when two minutes into the match had elapsed. Memphis made it clear that he has quality, that the Blaugrana fans will like and that he was a good assistant yesterday and also a reference in the offensive game, where Griezmann He deserved to score, but his ball crashed off the crossbar. The Frenchman’s work in defense continues to be impeccable. Barça football was faster, somewhat more direct, but above all more pressing after losing the ball. Eric made a great debut with Pique in the central axis and although it sounds like speculation it is possible that he had won the last League with him on the field. The first game of the new era painted well. Much remains but the team made it clear that ici c’est Barça.