Pereyra: “I don’t see Guardiola opening the City door to CR7”

Pereyra I dont see Guardiola opening the City door to

Rumors about the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus to join another team in Europe, has been the order of the day in all the media on the planet. Real Madrid was first mentioned as a likely destination, something the club quickly denied, and then Manchester City. According to Corrieri dello Sport from Italy, your agent Jorge Mendez would be conducting negotiations to make the rumor come true.

Hernan Pereyra, in this Tuesday’s edition of the podcats ‘It’s so and that’s it’, described this rumor as “a bomb if it happens. Can you imagine Cristiano playing in the team of Pep Guardiola? “, he started saying in the first of the three podcast segments, to then mention that the coach of the current champion of the Premier League is looking for a scorer who can define the possession game that characterizes them.

“Guardiola and City have shown interest in Harry Kane, but so far he has not been able to take it away from Tottenham Hotspur. What if I have no doubt is that Cristiano wants to leave Juventus, because he knows that if he stays he does not have much chance of winning the Champions League because the team has weakened in recent years and has not even been able to be champion of the Serie A. That team is no longer a candidate to fight for the Orejona, “he acknowledged.

After mentioning that unexpected results tend to occur in football due to different circumstances, Pereyra said that “today the Vecchia Signora“She is not a candidate to win the Champions League and taking into account the dedication of the Portuguese player for always being in shape and trying to win everything, I don’t see him staying in Turin if there is the possibility of a change of scene. Yes Lionel messi he has the possibility of winning a Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain, so it is logical that he thinks that he should go to a team that can compete with the French team “.



Rodrigo Faez explains the reasons why a possible meeting between the player and the club was thwarted.

“When one analyzes the teams that can compete with PSG in the Champions League, we find a list of only three teams: Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Chelsea. These are the only ones. I don’t see anyone else.” the ESPN analyst said.

Later, Pereyra let it be known that the forward is not interested in remembering his past at Manchester United, stating that “he does not care because although he has improved, United is not at the level of the current champions. He has grown and is trying to recover his historical space, but today Cristiano is not interested in whether he has to play for the neighbor across the street. In this sense he is selfish and does not identify with a shirt, but rather defends his own interests. I do not see Messi playing for Real Madrid, but if Cristiano with Manchester City “.

Finally, Pereyra said that “I have doubts that Guardiola ends up accepting CR7 in his squad, because although he has bought many footballers, it was never because of the great figures of the market. They were not moved by Messi. Nor are they moved by the figure of the moment but for the footballer they need “as could be the case with Harry Kane today.

“The arrival of Messi to PSG destabilized Cristiano Ronaldo and generated that internal anger of knowing that his outlook to win the Champions League is very complicated. That is why he moves his chips to see if he can reach City and, in that way, compete against PSG . In any case, it is difficult to make it happen. Because perhaps Guardiola will not open that door that Cristiano is hitting today, “he concluded.

Note: the edition of ‘It’s like this and period ‘, also includes Pereyra’s opinion on the official arrival of Johan Vasquez to A series and the reinforcements of America plus answers to questions from listeners.

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