Once again the CTE involved in the NFL: Details of the death of Demaryius Thomas were known


After the autopsy of the former Denver Broncos receiver, the real causes of Thomas’s death were found, at only 33 years old. Bolavip tells you the details.

Demaryius Thomas passed away in December 2021.
© Getty ImagesDemaryius Thomas passed away in December 2021.

Last December the family of the National Football League (NFL) received some hard news when he found out the death of demaryius thomasa 33-year-old former catcher who had his best moment in the jersey of Denver Broncos.

In 128 games, Thomas achieved the feat of being called four times to the Pro Bowl, being a Super Bowl champion with the Broncos. 11-year career, where he also wore the colors of the Houston Texans and New York Jetswere enough for him to accumulate 724 receptions, 9,763 aerial yards and 63 touchdowns.

After several months, the official autopsy of who retired after the 2019 season was finally done, with results that concluded in one of the most common diseases in the NFL. Bolavip tells you all the details.

Demaryius Thomas had Grade 2 CTE

Found dead in his home in Georgia in December 2021, Demaryius Thomas put the NFL world on edge last season. Several months later, the autopsy revealed devastating results for the player’s family.

As announced by the circle of the former receiver, Thomas had Grade 2 CTE, a brain deformity from regular football hits., and that was already found in other athletes in the past. A copy of the autopsy results will be released by Fulton Medical Center when available.

Grade 2 chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) produces changes in the patient’s character, such as memory problems, anxiety, and sudden changes in mood or personality. According to Demaryius Thomas’s mother, the player was isolated in his house during the time before his death.

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Once again the CTE involved in the NFL: Details of the death of Demaryius Thomas were known