NFL Week 2: Josh Allen and the Bills take a hit on the table of candidates

Favorito can be in many ways. Because the bets or the experts say so, by names or by what happens on the pitch. In the second week of the NFL, the The Buffalo Bills continue to show credentials through resounding wins. If the champion -Los Angeles Rams- fell on the first day, on the second it was some Titans ‘of layer each’ with a similar strength and notice to personnel.

Was the Monday Night Football, which was also capped off with a tough loss to the up-and-coming Minnesota Vikings at the hands of Darius Slay Jr.’s ironclad defense. and his brilliant Philadelphia Eagles. Two teams that ‘penished’ less than a year ago and want to opt for privileged positions in the post-season.

NFL Week 2 Results

  • Bills 41 – 7 Titans
  • Eagles 24 – Vikings 7
  • Packers 27-10 Bears
  • Rams 31 – Falcons 27
  • Raiders 23-Cardinals 29
  • 49ers 27-7 Seahawks
  • Broncos 16 – Texans 9
  • Cowboys 20 – Bengals 17
  • Chiefs 27 – Chargers 24
  • Steelers 14 – Patriots 17
  • Giants 19 – Panthers 16
  • Browns 30-31 Jets
  • Jaguars 24 – 0 Colts
  • Ravens 38 – Dolphins 42
  • Saints 10 – 20 Buccaneers
  • Lions 36 – 27 Washington

Josh Allen’s Bills ad

In large part it is an oversized reaction to being the last impact of the day, but the exhibition in just over a quarter and a half by the Buffalo Bills against the Tennessee Titans is the great image of the second week of the NFL. Defensive display led by an excellent Matt Milano capturing Ryan Tannehill -rival quarterback- and a Josh Allen for whom everything worked after a gray first half.

There, two ‘touchdowns’ by Stefon Diggs -star receiver- hit some Titans that ended with substitutes on the ‘green’. A tremendous impact from the team that led the betting panel of the NFL experts. 2-0, against two good teams, and no signs of weakness.

Mahomes decides a duel of stars

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Those who do not release the undefeated are Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs. The champion team for three SuperBowl won in a game that was worthy of Playoff. The Los Angeles Chargers -with Herbert- in the lead- commanded a good part of the match, but as soon as their center Corey Linsley He got injured, everything changed. Mahomes emerged and his Chiefs joined. Not be the first time they are measured.

The Buccaneers, from least to most

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers live with more doubts. Perhaps it was the context of the game, since the New Orleans Saints usually make regular season games very difficult for them. But after struggling in the first half and coming close to self-destruction after star wide receiver Mike Evans was ejected, they pulled themselves together. With little defense, because they are the team who allow more for ‘Drive’, but led by a Brady who continues with a firm step.

Life without a star quarterback

The San Francisco 49ers opened their winning locker against the Seahawks (27-7) without weapons, but they received a severe blow. Their starting quarterback, the young Trey Lance, is injured throughout the course and they will have to live with Jimmy Garoppolo in charge. Three years ago he took them to the SuperBowl, but in the Bay they don’t trust his ability -low contract and substitution against a second-year player-. As a key piece it seems ‘insufficient’ to nurture his attack.

a historical disaster

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The ‘week 2’ bombshell was how the Browns lost to the Jets. They sent 13 and there was 1:22 to go…. And from there came a historical disaster. First, a long pass from Flacco that ends in a ‘touchdown’, to which is added a return in which the Jets cheat. Later, a good ‘drive’ with annotation. Historical, because the last 2,229 games with a difference like this had not changed the score.

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NFL Week 2: Josh Allen and the Bills take a hit on the table of candidates