NFL: The hometown has not weighed with the return of fans to the stadiums

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The noise is usually overwhelming in most stadiums in the NFL. The fans shout, boo, clap, hit the fences in order to make themselves felt and that the opposing team does not feel comfortable. The result, contrary to popular belief, is not always favorable. The locality, except for specific cases, has gradually lost its weight.

Season 2021 It meant the total return of the fans after a year of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The great football festival has full stadiums; however, its direct impact on the results so far has been little.


Of the 137 games that have been disputed over nine weeks, plus last Thursday between the Ravens and the Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, 70 have finished in favor of the visiting team, while the locals, beyond having the support of their fans and with other conditions in their favor, such as the fact of playing on a well-known terrain or not having to make a trip, they have won 67 times. That is, the touring team wins the 51.1 percent of the time. Although the numbers are similar, they debunk the theory that the local has an overwhelming advantage just because they play at home.

If the comparison is made with last year, when most of the stadiums closed their doors and only some received a limited number of fans, the statistics are similar. In the first nine weeks of the campaign; that is, in 133 games, the visitors won 67 games, while the locals won 66 times. The percentage is similar, with 50.37 in favor of the foreign team. In 2019, before the pandemic, the trend still favored the locals, with 68 wins for 67 of the visitors in 135 games; that is, a 50.37 percent. The conclusions drawn by the numbers is that the players of the NFL they are used to dealing with hostilities from the public. Regardless of the circumstances, they can get the result.

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It’s true; however, there are stadiums that weigh more than others. During this season, for example only two teams remain undefeated at home, they are the Packers and the Buccaneers. It’s known that Green bay has turned the mythical Lambeau Field into a fortress. The cathedral of American football tends to play in favor of its teams. Those coached by Matt LaFleur are 3-0 at home. On the other hand, Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay have become a tough team to crack in the Raymond James Stadium, with a 4-0 mark. In contrast, only three teams have yet to win at home. The 49ers, Eagles and Lions they have lost each and every one of the four games they have played at Levi’s Stadium, Lincoln Financial Field and Ford Field, respectively.

As a curious case, last season, when there were no people, four teams finished 7-1 at home. Packers, Steelers, Bills and Seahawks only lost one of their eight games. Despite the fact that there were no people in the stands, the mysticism of its enclosures managed to weigh. Heinz Field (Pittsburgh), Highmark Stadium (Buffalo) and Lumen Field (Seattle), are known for the great atmosphere imposed by fans. On the other hand, the Lions, 49ers and Jets only won one of their eight home games.

In 2019, Packers and Ravens, with a 7-1 record, they were the best hosts, while the Washington Football Team was the worst, with a dismal 1-7.

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NFL: The hometown has not weighed with the return of fans to the stadiums