NFL: Russell Wilson receives the rejection of the Seattle Seahawks fans and responds with a touchdown

Russell Wilson has returned to LumenFieldbut with another uniform that is not that of the Seattle Seahawks, because the quarterback jumped onto the field with the clothing of the Denver Broncos, team that signed him last March.

He may be one of the best players of all time in the Seahawks, but monday night Russell Wilson was treated like any other visiting quarterback inside the LumenField.

The former player of the Seahawks rHe was showered with boos during warm-ups and when he jumped in to play for the first time as a Rough.

After these constant boos, Russell Wilson waited until the second quarter to release his arm by throwing a 67-yard pass with Jerry Jeudy, who took advantage of an oversight in the defense to enter the diagonals.

Wilson and his departure from Seattle

Russell Wilson has received a lot of criticism during the last few days, after speaking about some of the problems that arose between him and the Seahawks.

According to reports in the United States, Wilson he was unhappy with the team’s play at the end of the 2019 season.

The quarterback also confirmed that the broncos they had tried to trade him several times in the past, before they decided to sign him this year.

the departure of Wilson has affected some of the passionate fans of the Seahawksso they did not hesitate to show their rejection of their former quarterback.

Russell Wilson and his love for Seattle

Russell Wilson let Seattle after 10 years of playing with the franchise, where he won the Super Bowl XLVIII before the broncos and lost the XLVIX in front of the New England Patriots.

They were great years for Wilson and the franchise Seahawksbecause out of 10 seasons they were only unable to attend the Playoffs, which was in the 2017 and 2021 season.

After this stage the quarterback does not forget his love for Seattleso prior to his confrontation with his former team, the player from the broncos He recalled his time in the Los Angeles franchise again. Seahawks.

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“My experience in Seattle it was unique. Ten years, I couldn’t imagine that those years weren’t in my life: how many games we won, how many incredible thrillers, and the superbowl what we win and everything else. I’m going to think about all those memories and everything else and the joy of that and the gratitude of that,” he said. Wilson to the media.

“Also, we have a soccer game to play. So I’m excited to get out there and play, again. I love this game. It captivates me. I have a lot of good teammates and a lot of guys that I’m very close with on the other side. So it will be a great battle.” Russel Wilson.

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NFL: Russell Wilson receives the rejection of the Seattle Seahawks fans and responds with a touchdown