New York Jets, a team with lights and shadows

11/23/2022 at 2:08 p.m.


The New York franchise is reaping a good season under the orders of Robert Saleh, but doubts about the performance of its quarterback remain in the air week after week

Zach Wilson is experiencing a nightmare second season in the NFL, and the data already places him as one of the worst in his position in the entire league.

The campaign of the new york jets It is turning out better than predicted just a few months ago. The team led by Robert Saleh accumulates, with 6, the same victories than those harvested in the past two seasons, and they have only lost four games out of the ten games played this season.

The positive balance of the team and the performance of some of its key players are the face this season for the Jets. The disappointing performance of his quarterback, zach wilsonis being the cross of a franchise that deposited in his hands much of the future of the franchise.

With the Jets vying for a place in the playoffs in a very charged AFC East with Dolphins, Bills and Patriotsa feat they haven’t achieved since 2010, Zach Wilson’s performance in some big game situations has raised eyebrows. alarms in the big apple

The one who was the pick number two of the 2021 draft is reaping a very poor second season in the NFL, and his records on an individual level they show that the quarterback is not living up to the expectations he generated when he left the university of the BYU Cougars.

According to data from ProFootballFocus, Wilson is the worst starting quarterback in the league if we rely on the most important data to evaluate a player in this position. Is he second worst QB in passing yards and is the number 3. 4 (!) in touchdown passeswith 1278 and 4 respectively.

In his first 20 starts as a starter in the nflWilson has launched 13 touchdown passes and 16 interceptionswith a 70.7 in passing rating and a 55.6 % percentage on passes completed. The quarterback has a total of 6.3 yards per attempt.

The data does not invite optimism, but its picture on the pitch the sensations that he is not a qualified quarterback to direct an offense in the nfl.

After leaving the draft as one of the top talents of the futurethe Jets didn’t expect him to become an overnight star, but they did they wanted to see a second year with clear improvements in your game.

In addition to poor touchdown passing numbers, Wilson continues to commit too many mistakes in their passes. The Jets quarterback has thrown five interceptions so far this season, some of them leaving a picture practically comic on the pitch.

Zach Wilson seems, in some situations, to be unaware of the weight that he carries on his back, the reins of a team that wants to play again in after season.

In the last game against the Patriots, the quarterback only managed 77 passing yards, with an average of 3.5 per throw, records that make it impossible for the Jets to establish good drives in attack.

Against New England, Wilson was once again the cross of a team that exhibited (once again) its power in defenseone of the positive points of the team.

The quarterback was the negative protagonist of the match, and his passes with an alarming lack of precision and power They were to blame for the New York franchise scoring just 3 points in the entire game.

The summary of plays will worryand a lot, to his offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur.

The doubts of the whole team about their leader in attack now put the focus on Salehwho should decide if Wilson starts as headline the next game or otherwise, opt for sit it down and date Joe Flacconumber two on the depth chart, on the team initial.

One of the best news from the Jets attack this season comes in terms of rookie. Garrett Wilson (receiver) and brice hall (runner), chosen in position number 10 and 158 respectively, have been two pleasant surprises for their coaching staff.

Wilson accumulates 533 receiving yards and has already become in his first year in the league a issue for opposing defenses.

Hall for his part, went to his knee injury, the mainstay of the land attack thanks to privileged legs that allowed him to run to 463 yards and write down four touchdowns in his first seven games as an NFL player.


While the offensive unit occupies the last positions In the rankings among NFL teams, the Jets’ defensive unit is so far One of the best in the entire league. supporting the team in many of the matches with strong performances.

Jeff Ulbrich, defensive coordinator for New York, has built one of the best defenses in the competition. are the defense 9th in points per game receivedthe seventh in receiving yards per game (310) and are the fifth defense who receives the fewest touchdowns per game, with two.

These numbers have made the Jets one of the toughest teams for opposing offenses to attack.

Some of the best members of this unit are Carl Lawson, CJ Mosley, and Jordan Whitehead, but this defense is indisputably led by two players: quinnen williams on the line and Willow Gardner in high school.

Williams accumulates 8 sacks and 38 tackles so far this season, and is emerging as a supernatural force for opposing offensive lines unable to contain the powerful hand and foot game of the rival defender in his fourth season in the league.

In high school, Willow Gardner is being a nightmare for opposing receivers. The pick number four from the past Draft is one of the best defenders in the league so far this season, and leads the NFL in pass breakup actions, situations in which the Defender deflects the ball as it reaches the receiver’s hands.

Not only does he have a very powerful lower body to keep up with his mark, but he also interprets the rival routes to a thousand wonders.

Ulbrich trusts his player so much that he sometimes leaves him isolated on the side of the field in solo coverage with some of the best wide receivers in the competition. At 22 years old, he cornerback looks like a veteran.

In the last game against Patriots, the secondary player returned to show off in defence.

All these elements make the New York Jets one of the most unpredictable in this last stretch of the season, with all the spotlights on his quarterback, who will have to show that he is capable of directing a young attack that aspires to dream of the playoffs.

In their next three games, the Jets will host the bears at Metlife Stadium and will visit the fiefs of Vikings and Billstwo of the top contenders to reach the Superbowl.

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New York Jets, a team with lights and shadows