Vince Russo strongly criticizes Triple H’s booking on Monday Night RAW

Since the arrival of Triple H as Content Director of WWE, the company has experienced a change of sensations regarding the last stage of Vince McMahon as brain of operations. One of the products that had the greatest momentum was Monday Night Raw with the sudden growth of the audience. Despite taking into account the return of the NBA in the programming, the numbers have been decreasing over the weeks.

Vince Russo, a former WWE creative, has been very insistent on this over the weeks and has emphasized WWE’s inability to keep a new audience expectant. This week has not been an exception and Vince Russo has charged directly against the person most responsible for the creativity of the show.

“Let’s imagine that tonight is my first time watching RAW. As a viewer, I’m going to give it a try. I’ve never seen it before. I’m going to watch this show. Brother, tell me one thing that will hook you on tonight’s show and make you rewatch it next week. Name me a segment or a character, name me a story where you actually sat down for three hours and said, ‘Oh, I’m definitely coming back next week,'” Vince Russo asked Dr. Chris Featherstone on Legion of RAW.

Chris Featherstone noted that perhaps seeing Rhea Ripley would have made him repeat. Vince Russo continued to wonder why he should watch the show the following week and urged Triple H to look in the mirror and ask himself the same question. “I don’t know why he would come back to this show. Triple H has to look in the mirror and ask himself that question“, he declared.

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Vince Russo strongly criticizes Triple H’s booking on Monday Night RAW