Miguel Herrera considered the injuries in Tigres unfortunate: “During the week they were fine”

The ‘Piojo’ hopes to quickly recover his players; ‘Chaka’ was tired of the national team and Vigón came out for a blow, while Fernández and Carioca were well

Tigres coach Miguel Herrera described the injuries they suffered as unfortunate Leo Fernandez, Rafael Carioca, Luis Rodriguez and Juan Pablo VigónHe assured all will undergo medical examinations and that he hopes to have them as soon as possible.

“Yes, unfortunate, two injuries in a row of players who in the week were fine, they weren’t tired, Rafa said he was tired from the games, we coped well, before anything else the muscle gets hard and the changes are made, Vigón’s thing is after a blow, in almost 30 minutes he makes us change the whole approach, “he explained.

“Luis told me that he was tired of the national team, of the bustle, we needed it, the humidity and the heat make him suffocate more, we are going to wait tomorrow or the day after for the studies to be done, but we already have long weeks to be able to work and recovering the team they have worn down in the games that fortunately we have scored points, we can let them rest and we hope to have them ready for Atlas, “he said.

The only one who did not come out due to a muscular issue was Juan Pablo Vigón, who received a blow that forced him to leave the match, but he joins the team’s list of injured, in which they are also André-Pierre Gignac, Francisco Meza and Guido Pizarro.

Miguel Herrera said that all the players have tried to take them well so far in the tournament, give them rest when they need it and reiterated that now they will only have to wait for the results of the players’ medical tests.

The Mazatlán strategist, Beñat San José, regretted the expulsions suffered by his team against Tigres, of which in his opinion the second was to Camilo Sanvezzo, it was not a red card.

“When we were left with 10 they had the ball, but not control of the game. Staying with 10 has been hard, but the players showed their faces. Ríos is a young boy who acquires his first experiences in professional football, sometimes with young people pass, it has passed revolutions, will have to learn, we will correct it, “said the helmsman.

“I’ll keep what he has played, I’ll keep what he has done in the minutes he was there, a great game and from then on it has been complicated, then came the penalty and the second expulsion, which was not,” he said.