Players to whom the Chivas shirt ‘weighed’ and performed in other clubs

Alejandro Zendejas shines as a scorer with Necaxa, while in his stage with the Flock he could not weigh. We present you other similar cases

Over the years there have been footballers who have not been able to respond with their best level when wearing the Chivas jersey, reason why After not standing out in Guadalajara, they have emigrated to other teams where they have found regularity or over the years have become figures.

Against this background, at ESPN Digital, we present the footballers to whom the Chivas shirt ‘weighed’ and performed at other clubs:

The midfielder arrived in Chivas for the 2018 Apertura Tournament, however, he only saw activity in 23 games of four tournaments that he played with Guadalajara, which is why with a goal and an assist he never managed to convince the Rojiblanca fans or his own coaches, so during several tournaments he saw activity in the basic forces and was later sold to Necaxa.

With the Necaxa team, the story was different, in his first tournament he registered 972 minutes, exceeding the 358 he played with Chivas, in addition to the number of minutes, the Mexican-American midfielder became a fundamental piece of the team by adding a total of nine annotations in 39 games he has played with the Hidrocálido team.

Currently Zendejas has become the most dangerous footballer so far in the 2021 Apertura Tournament, after registering an average higher than Rubens Sambueza, Roger Martínez, Salvador Reyes, Pol Fernández and Maxi Meza in expected goals plus expected assists.

The midfielder failed to make his debut with Chivas in the First Division, since after climbing different processes in the Lower Forces showing great quality, he did not enter into plans for Matías Almeyda’s coaching staff to make the jump to the first team, so he was sold to Pachuca as part of the purchase of Rodolfo Pizarro to Guadalajara.

With Pachuca, the story was different, the Guadalajara youth squad was showing his level and quality, which led him to win ownership and later to become the figure of the 2016 Clausura Tournament by scoring the title goal against Monterrey.

For the Clausura 2020 Tournament he was signed by Chivas, however, a doping problem frustrated his return with Guadalajara, so after 10 months of inactivity, he returned to Pachuca for his second stage, where so far he has registered a total of 19 assists and 47 annotations after six years with the Hidalgo team.

The Chivas youth squad received very few opportunities in the first division, for which key errors a National Classic and a confrontation against Jaguares in the Quarterfinals of the Clausura 2006 Tournament, coupled with an injury and being behind the great figure he represented. Oswaldo Sánchez for Guadalajara, were determining factors to leave the rojiblanca institution.

After leaving Chivas, he had two tournaments for Tigres and later he arrived in Toluca, a team with which he consolidated in the First Division by playing 23 tournaments, obtaining a League title in the 2010 Bicentennial Tournament, in addition to being called up for Selection. Mexican where he was part of the national team that went to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. He is currently the goalkeeper of Pumas and in his first tournament he reached the final of Guard1anes 2020.

The Guadalajara youth squad came to the first team after a long process in the Basic Forces, however, after three tournaments and a Copa MX title, some differences with Argentine strategist Matías Almeyda ended up forcing his departure from the rojiblanca institution in 2016 .

After his departure from Chivas, he arrived at Pachuca, a team where with a modest performance in 124 games he scored a total of four goals and 16 assists, becoming one of the best collaborators of the team’s forwards. In the same way, with the Tuzos, he won the title of the Concacaf Champions League for the 2016-17 season.

For Guard1anes 2020 he emigrated to the Toluca team, a team where he has currently scored a total of three goals and one assist, becoming a key element of the team led by Hernán Cristante.