Lessons of Week 3 NFL 2021 – Applause to LVR and Carr | Stafford lacked equipment

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 3 of the NFL Season 2021. NOTE: This article will be updated after the game on Monday night.

CAR 24, HOU 9

1.- Now we will see the reality of the Panthers offense, especially the real level of Sam Darnold: without Christian McCaffrey on the court, and against more important teams. It will be interesting.

2.- This will be the map of the Texans between now and the rest of the season. You can tell that, at least, David Culley is keeping them motivated, because they clearly leave all their effort on the court. Too bad talent is not enough; they will have to build little by little (year after year).

BUF 43, WAS 21

3.- This is the Bills offense we know, with Josh Allen making plays all over the field. What Emmanuel Sanders can bring to this team is considerable, given that they have the factor that stretches the field and occupies double coverage (Stefon Diggs), they have the slot factor (Cole Beasley) and they lacked the exact veteran who finds the Gaps in any defense with intelligent trajectory travel. Now they have it.

4.- Washington’s defensive line, considered one of the best in the NFL, has not lived up to expectations so far: Josh Allen was not captured once in this game, and this team is mostly armed around it. that unit can do. Ron Rivera will have to make several adjustments.

CLE 26, CHI 6

5.- Matt Nagy is the one with the greatest responsibility for this defeat. Knowing that his offensive line is porous, the head coach didn’t design anything for rookie QB Justin Fields to get the ball out fast, or for easy reads.

6.- As long as they are winning and have the game controlled, Q Baker Mayfield plays incredibly well. Calm down, making big plays. He has to show me that he also does it when they lose.

BAL 19, DET 17

7.- The best kick in history was made by Justin Tucker to save the skin of Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. 66 yards – NFL record. What a spectacular moment.

8.- At least in what he promised, Dan Campbell is fulfilling. In the offseason, the head coach said that his team was going to play with strength and motivation (in other words), and I think that is happening. It is a team that does not give up.

TEN 25, IND 16

9.- This time the Titans were resilient, as they lost their two star receivers through injury during the game, but based on a good game by Ryan Tannehill, a lot of defensive strength and Derrick Henry with his usual level, accumulating 113 rushing yards.

10.- It is difficult for a team to win with its quarterback having sprains in both ankles. Less with a quarterback like Carson Wentz who uses both his mobility to be efficient. This team will suffer a lot this year.

LAC 30, KC 24

11.- Little by little Justin Herbert is cementing his great level, beginning to mix with the best in the NFL. It is precise, extremely intelligent to read the opposing defenses, with a gun per arm and also highly mobile. He will be one of the faces of the NFL in the future, I have no doubt.

12.- With everything and 30 points, I feel like the Chiefs defense played a little better than before. That said, it still needs to improve by leaps and bounds. So far it has been KC’s main problem and it has cost them the games.

NO 28, NE 13

13.- Mac Jones brought out the rookie against the great Saints defense, which recovered several of its key pieces. Thanks to that, the QB did not have much time to pitch and was nervous. However, his offensive line didn’t give him much time to throw the ball either.

14.- The Saints game plan was excellent, exploiting every weakness in the Patriots defense and using what was necessary to stop the rookie. Great victory for HC Sean Payton.

ATL 17, NYG 14

15.- In a dreadful way, but it still counts: the Falcons remove their thorn and win a game. What I do not understand is why Arthur Smith is not knowing how to take advantage of that offense, which has talent. We will see if that aspect improves as the year progresses.

16 .- There is no other for the Giants to lift their faces and move on. They have to think that they are in a weak division and still have time to catch up with their rivals.

CIN 24, PIT 10

17.- No matter how superior your defense is, you cannot win games just by playing well on one side of the ball. The defense gradually got tired, and in the end it was not difficult to exploit it. As long as the Steelers’ offense doesn’t improve, it will continue to be a long season for them.

18. The Burrow-Chase connection that comes from college is too noticeable, and it will be prolific for years to come. The Bengals’ fate for this year is as simple as predicting whether they will play well on the offensive and defensive lines. If they play better than expected, they will win a lot of games. If they play like the Bears, it will be very difficult for us to think that they even move the ball consistently.

ARI 31, JAX 19

19. At some point the Jaguars had controlled this game, but a foolish decision by Trevor Lawrence caused the forces to bow completely. If they do not take advantage of those opportunities to control games, it is difficult for them to win a game.

20. That Arizona offense is proving not only to be extremely explosive, but also especially versatile. More or less like the Bills, they have a specific player to do something different, starting with their running backs and receivers: the one who stretches the field, the one in possession, the complete one, the one in the red zone, the dynamic runner who catches the ball well. , the “thumper “ heavy and difficult to pull, etc.

DEN 26, NYJ 0

21.- There is not much to highlight on the side of the Broncos, simply that Teddy Bridgewater has known how to take advantage of the opportunities that opposing defenses have left him on the field. It is an offensive with many dangerous weapons.

22.- What a disaster with these Jets. Not only do they lack the talent, but they are unmotivated, poorly trained in tactics, undisciplined; without a real idea of ​​anything.

LV 31, MIA 28 (OT)

23.- Good for these Raiders and Derek Carr, who is finally getting the recognition he deserves because, for a long time, he was not talked about. What has surprised me is that the offensive weapons have been more complete than I thought, and that his offensive line is playing much better than I expected.

24.- Brissett closed the game well, but it is clear that no quarterback is comfortable with that offensive line protecting them. Barely runners can find holes to run, and the quarterback is with the bag collapsed much of the time.

LAR 34, TB 24

25.- You can tell the difference between having a good team around you and a good head coach talking to you and calling the plays. Matt Stafford now looks like an out of the ordinary.

26.- I have no doubt that these two teams are going to see each other again in the postseason. I’m also convinced that by then I’ll see a much better effort from the Buccaneers defense.

MIN 30, SEA 17

27.- Chris Carson is very important to the Seahawks offense, but the receiver pair of DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett is just as important. If the injury of the second is serious, that offense will be in serious trouble because I do not see how Freddie Swain or any WR3 emerge rises to the level of WR2.

28.- Alexander Mattison looked light, flexible and aggressive. Important not only what he brings as a running back if Cook isn’t there, but also as a receiver (6 catches for 59 yards).

GB 30, SF 28

29 .- Unfortunately you can not leave “so much time” on the clock to Aaron Rodgers: he made them pay. The thing with the 49ers is that no matter how good their defensive line is, if they don’t have at least one good cornerback, it’s hard to be a dominant defense. Rodgers and Davante Adams blew them up.

30.- Jimmy Garoppolo continues to show that when he is healthy, he is a very good quarterback. He did what he had to do to win this match.

PHI 21, DAL 41

31.- The Cowboys are showing that their offense is extremely powerful, especially Dak Prescott, who is averaging 110 ratings this year. If the Cowboys are going to do something important this year, they have to be based on controlling the games with the ball in their hands to have the defense rested and thus become a completely opportunist, as before.

32.- Many may judge Jalen Hurts strong for this defeat, but few times in my life have I seen such meager efforts of an offensive line. It didn’t take a second for the Cowboys DLs to be in the offensive backfield.

This is the analysis with what was learned in the lessons of week 3 of the NFL Season 2021. What would your notes be? We read you in the comments under this article and on our social networks.