Koeman has a plan

ANDl Barcelona faces an unusual season. Probably the weirdest he’s had before him in a long time. The march of Leo Messi forces the team to overcome and reinvent itself. Find new formulas to remain competitive and that the Bara continues to be the Bara. A team that aspires to win all the titles despite the fact that it no longer has the best footballer on the planet in its ranks.

In this situation, there is a figure that becomes the great protagonist. The person responsible for the team to carry out the transformation it needs and to adapt to its reality. It’s about the coach. Ronald Koeman you must captain this new project. The good news is that, on paper, he seems like the right man for this company. So far he has shown himself to be the kind of technician who has no trouble making decisions. He is a club man for an entity in difficult times.

The Netherlands is very clear about what he wants from this team and how to achieve it. It is quite similar to what could be seen in the first part of the match against Real Sociedad, which he described as “the best Bara in many years”. In view of what happened against the Basques and knowing Tintin’s style book, this is what we can expect from this new Barcelona.

Koeman: “It was a fantastic game in every way”

Pressure is not negotiated

Work on defensive pressure in rival field. That was the letter of introduction to the new Barcelona. The work that the Catalans did in this regard record the one of the best times of the Pep Team. A team that is always remembered for how well it handled the ball, but which also attached paramount importance to working without it.

The Catalans did a beastly job in this regard in their first official game of the season. Imanol himself was surprised by the hunger shown by the Catalans when they worked to recover the ball and pointed to them as candidates for everything if they were able to make it a habit.

The goal is everyone’s business

Koeman has spoken with the squad to send them a clear message: so that Messi’s 30 goals are not missed, all members of the team must take a step forward. He asks for greater efficiency from the forwards, yes, but also the involvement of midfielders and defenders in the scoring side.


Nothing like working in defense to be able to launch the attack calmly. The Bara has been reinforced back this summer. Koeman wants his Barcelona to be a team with defensive soundness.

Bet on the young

One of Koeman’s hallmarks, which fits perfectly with the spirit of Barcelona. The coach will continue giving opportunities to young people, as he did last year. People like Demir, Gavi or Nico can be important from now on.

Recover Players

One of the causes of the progressive deterioration that Bara has suffered in recent years has been that some of its most important signings have not been up to the task. Koeman wants to win back people like Philippe Coutinho for the cause. Players who gain weight with the loss of Messi.

Variety of records

Koeman has worked it through the preseason. One of your goals, since last year, is that your Bara be able to handle different systems. In fact, the idea is that the team is adaptable enough to be able to change the drawing in the middle of a meeting, according to their needs. At a minimum, handle the 4-3-3, 3-4-3 and 3-5-2.