Laporta got tired of Moriba: starting price for the club’s most problematic player

The 2021-22 season should have been that of consolidation in the for. In the past campaign, the Barcelona squad left great performances before the eyes of However, the footballer and his entourage refused to sign a contract extension and from that moment on, his days at Camp Nou are a nightmare, so much so that President Laporta wants to see him out before the end of the month.

According to information from ‘Don Balon’, Barcelona’s highest authority met in recent days with Moriba’s closest circle to communicate that he is willing to let him go and at a lower price. It is exactly 10 million euros, money that will somewhat alleviate the critical financial situation of the Catalans.

“Specifically, 10 ‘kilos’ would be enough to take one of the midfielders with the most potential on the whole scene. Among the suitors, Manchester United was placed, which is in a very similar situation with Paul Pogba, and now Borussia Dortmund would have joined ”, publishes the cited source.

A few weeks ago, Laporta himself was not optimistic about reaching an agreement with the player, who he reproached for the difficulties he is putting for his renewal.

“Ilaix is ​​a player who has one year left on his contract and who does not want to renew according to the conditions offered by the club. It tastes bad, but above all there is the club, and they cannot give us this kind of pulse. I would like the player and those who carry him to reconsider ”, Laporta told the media.

The maximum leader of the Barcelona entity does not understand that the player “Do not value what the club has done for him” and made it clear that, if he does not want to accept the renewal conditions, “he will have to look for other options.”

“We don’t want home-trained players who have a year left on their contract and don’t want to renew. What we cannot allow is to be promoting him in his last year and then for him to leave without having taken any advantage ”, he summarized.

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