Jaime Lozano wants an opportunity in Liga MX and is grateful that they see him in a great

Jaime Lozano is clear about his steps to follow once he has been disengaged from the Mexican National Team

Jaime lozano He said goodbye to the national teams of Mexico after the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020 and has already set his next goals. One is to wait for a new opportunity in Liga MX, he even thanked the press for placing him as a possible substitute for some coaches, since he has been linked with Chivas. And the other is to follow his preparation as a technical director in Europe, either in person or online through courses.

“At the moment I would not like to speak out of respect especially to the colleagues who are leading their teams. I would love to have a very nice opportunity again in the league, I think I am very grateful for what has been said, especially in the press that such important clubs as the ones mentioned are or are looking for me to lead, but I think they have to the right people to be in those positions, for now I’m going to wait, “said Jaime Lozano.

“After today I think some things will happen because obviously I had to wait to close my cycle in selection and with this conference we are ending my cycle, my work, my work in national teams. Surely in these days we will talk a little more and we will have some news of everything that is coming for my future ”, added the winner of the bronze medal in Tokyo 2020.

“Without a doubt that is my intention, I like to constantly prepare, the pandemic was good for me for that, to continue preparing in other areas that I think are very important for a technical director. Now, a bit complicated, in fact I had a trip, in the past days, to Europe, to watch football, to talk with football people there, but many countries are closed and I could not do it, but as soon as I have the least possibility, surely I’ll be there, I don’t know if doing a course, but I will be talking to coaches, watching training sessions. Last time I was fortunate to travel with my entire coaching staff and if we can do it again it would be great. Yes, I would be doing it, be it traveling or the distance, but preparing myself for new challenges ”.

Jaime Lozano highlighted the work that Ignacio Ambriz and Gonzalo Pineda have done in their respective leagues, but to get there, he considers that to continue preparing, because in the future he also wants to reach the bench of the absolute Mexican National Team.

“We have to be very prepared, we have to have constant preparation, we have to have opportunities where we are, in my case it is in Mexico and if I am in Mexico I need to have opportunities in Mexico, obviously give results and I think something very good is happening at this precise moment is that ‘Nacho’ Ambriz is in a strong league and is giving results. Gonzalo Pineda is in another league and is giving results. That is important, that they give us the chance to work, to be prepared for that opportunity and then give results, because the coach depends on those results, it doesn’t matter if your team plays well or badly. “

Jaime Lozano went further by pointing out “I consider myself someone who wants to be a generational change, not a generational change, I want to continue preparing, I want to do things very well and then I hope, one day, to be able to be in Europe leading a great team” .