It’s So and Point: “The story is always the same in Liga MX”

The fifth date of the tournament Opening of the MX League left as a balance the confirmation that there are teams that have everything to fight for the championship, while others can only aspire to survival. Only two teams, América and León, have achieved 4 victories in the five games they played, there are only 3 that do not know defeat and half of the participants have no positive goal difference.

“For a change, America won and for a change Chivas lost. In the MX League, this story has been repeating tournament after tournament. The trend is clear: the candidates are at the top and the weak at the bottom of the table. It is the same old story. “he began by saying Hernan Pereyra in one of the segments of the Thursday edition of the podcast ‘It’s so and that’s it’.

The ESPN analyst justified his statement by stating that in the top six places in the table, there are the four teams considered candidates to win the tournament, which are América, Cruz Azul, Monterrey and Tigres. “It will be necessary to see when Leon and Tolucaque hold on, they are in second and third position. And if we look at the last places we will be able to find the last place of Pumas as a surprise, but Juárez, Tijuana and Querétaro complete the lower quartet,” he acknowledged.

Next, and continuing with the focus on the positions below, Pereyra described Chivas’s performance in this tournament as “very poor and shameful. Although León is a team very well worked by its coach Ariel holanChivas shows symptoms of deconcentration and ends up giving opportunities to its rivals and that pays dearly for it. He left spaces for León who ended up with a team that lacked idea and forcefulness, emotionally beaten and emotionally beaten. “

“As much as at the moment he scores well, that he has the pewlota, the lack of goal and strength in attack conditions the Sacred Flock. That is the reality of the team because Zaldivar it lacks offensive weight, Uriel antuna does one good and the other bad, Alexis Vega It is the best but it is difficult for him to render as he does in the selection, “considered the driver of ‘Es Así y Punto’.

Changing teams, Pereyra referred to this undefeated present from América de Santiago Solari. “On balance he clearly won because it was more than Juárez who does what he can. But the refereeing issue left me many doubts. To the team of the Tuca ferretti They disallow a goal for an advanced position that I did not see. Maybe America would turn it around and win it anyway, but Juárez had a key goal annulled, “he said.

“These things lead me to suspect and sow doubts because it seems that there is help for the cream team when it does not need it. But these little things in a football as even as the Mexican, end up weighing down.”

Finally, Pereyra considered that “the worst of all is that situations like this we already saw in the past. At the beginning of the last tournament, when Solari’s team did not play well, with small arbitration decisions in their favor such as a penalty, some expulsions, was achieving triumphs. The truth is that this America does not play well but it is a leader. We should not believe that because it goes first, it is the great Mexican soccer team, “he concluded.

Note: the edition of ‘‘It’s so and that’s it’, also includes the opinion of Pereyra on Copa Libertadores of America, the elimination of Mouth and River, in addition to replying to messages from his followers.

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