Is the return to the NFL coming up? Tom Brady answers what he will do in 2022


After announcing his retirement from the NFL, Tom Brady responded if he only dedicated himself to working on the radio during the 2022 season.

Tom Brady in the NFL
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The race of Tom Brady it evolved season after season in the aspect of being closer to the fans. It is not certain if the rules of Bil Belichick in the New England Patriots distanced him from the fans, because when he arrived at Tampa Bay Buccaneers activity and interaction in social networks was different.

Brady was encouraged to publish his phone number to answer messages from fans of the NFL. After each game, TB12 recorded a video to talk about what happened and during the week he participated from the Let’s Go podcast, of the SiriusXM online station.

Few are those who believe in Tom Brady’s final retirement and former teammates like Rob Gronkowski even dared to say in how many years he would return to the NFL. With mystery surrounding the world of the league, TB12 once again opened the door for an epic comeback.

The one in charge of starting the rumors about a return to NFL it was Brady himself when he stated that he could not say that he would never play on the gridiron again. The illusion began to grow and with two new words he begins to see himself Tom’s return to football as a possible mission.

Tom Brady answered how many jobs he will have in 2022: Is he returning to the NFL?

On the Let’s Go podcast, Tom Brady He was asked if for the remainder of 2022 the only job he would have would be at the online station SiriusXM and the quarterback replied with two words that he does not rule out working as a quarterback for an NFL team again. “Determined. Many things are happening. Today it’s golf.” TB12 stated about what he will do in the rest of the year.

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Is the return to the NFL coming up? Tom Brady answers what he will do in 2022