Is it time for Bill Belichick to relinquish control of the Patriots?

Last Saturday in New England, and for the umpteenth time this year, the fans began to boo your own team under the command of the HC bill belichick. However, the patriots They didn’t do much to silence that noise either, if anything, they increased it.

For the second quarter, the fans asked for the head of the QB Mac Jones; after the break, it was the one for the entire roster; At the end of the game, the screams gave way to the whistles of a fanatic fed up with the bad manners, not just the results. Because it’s one thing to lose, but another is the way this team is doing it:

The Patriots go from bad to worse

where was the Patriot Way? Good question, but honestly, who knows. Bill Belichick promised changes this year, even his boss and team owner, Robert Kraft, had high expectations for good reason; last year they had made it to the playoffs, even briefly fighting for the division, with a rookie QB and an investment that just met.

However, after Saturday’s loss against the Cincinnati Bengals by 22-18, one can say that the reality of this team is that of a losing franchise, which looks for excuses to let games go. And with the season on a thread, it’s even a luxury keep fighting for a place in the AFC Wild Card.

Many Foxboro fans are right to question why they would go to the playoffs playing this way. It’s certainly not what you want to put up with another insufficient slop from (impromptu) unofficial offensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

This unit of the Pats was not elite in 2021, however, it went from belonging to half statistics tableto putting up the worst numbers in the NFL, with a strong case to be the worst this year:

  • Red zone: #32 in the NFL (38.5%)
  • % Third down: #26 in the NFL (34.9%)
  • First down: #29 in the NFL (254)
  • Total Yards: #24 in the NFL (4758)

If we add to this that this coach with less experience than his second-year QB, is also fighting with his best players like WR Kendrick Bourne, whom he barely gets to play, life does not become easier.

The defense has been more than good, in fact it delivered performances that directly meant wins; but special teams also create too many problems. They are the unit with an official coordinator, and even so, they make childish mistakes lately.

Times change, even for Bill Belichick

The team has had to live with the flaws of a coach who hasn’t realized the NFL got over him; We went from the genius who forced errors on his opponents, to the one who gives away plays like this:

That lack of preparation that is perceived on the field, with receivers colliding with each other or even confusion between plays, is also perceived in his decision-making; Belichick was on display when Josh McDaniels left for Las Vegas in January of this year. Since he never worked a substitute, in the end he improvised, and in fact, it’s not the first time it’s happened to him.

When they couldn’t bring back QB Tom Brady, what did Bill do? He turned to Cam Newton at the last minute, just a month before his team’s regular-season debut. Just like here with Matt Patricia, in 2020 he tried to make Newton work, even though he was never going to, but honestly, he had no choice.

Beyond these decisions, which sowed the seeds for chaos, we also can’t deny the poor design of his roster: there was no major reinforcement on the offensive line and instead he preferred to trade the few pieces he had, such as G Shaq Mason.

For this year, the team entered the season with substitutes such as OT Yodny Cajuste, G James Ferentz, OT Justin Herron (who is no longer here), etc. What would happen if a lineman was injured later? What fate wanted.

It is also not understood what happened to the shrewd general manager who did not pay like crazy for just anyone; in fact he already is the team that pays its wide receivers the most, but none is even moderately special. He pays his TEs more than 23 million dollars this yearbut neither does he know what use to give them.

When asked about problems like this, he keeps insisting it’s his fault: “I’m the head coach,” assured.

Yes sir: it’s your fault, and no one is less of a Patriots fan for saying so or it makes you a hater. Bill Belichick gets a lot of credit for his accomplishments, but bygones are bygones. As he himself applied with his own players that he cut or changed in the middle of the season: do what’s best for the team.

Robert Kraft has to get into action

It is fair to question how long he will continue to be allowed a wide sleeve for any occurrence, because no matter how big the HC is, everything has a limit. Having an inexperienced friend of his in charge of the development of the franchise’s young QB, his son in charge of defense, and bad decisions in free agency, are nonsense, they must provoke something from above.

Kraft’s pulse did not quiver when he put his be still Belichick’s mentor, Bill Parcells, and he shouldn’t be doing it now. For the sake of his investment, he can’t go another year without demanding radical change and results from you. In fact, he did it for the NFL Draft, and it has to be said: There are more pleasant surprises than unpleasant lately, so there’s a positive precedent.

At this time, there is no other. Someone has to reason with his coach, remind him that even his legacy may be in doubt because of this. No more space for nostalgia and gratitude; Leave that for the day he retires and there are tributes, today he has a responsibility to his team and he is being as selfish as those players he kicked out and did not want to accept his philosophy.

No matter the rings, achievements and whatnot: Belichick has to be treated the same as his players, that would be a big first step in the right direction. Do your job and nothing more. Surrounding him with people as or more capable than him shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Is the NFL over Bill Belichick for good or can it bring back its magic once again? What would be the solution? You can leave us your comments below this article or through our social media posts.

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Is it time for Bill Belichick to relinquish control of the Patriots?