Doncic definitely has no limit: 60 points!

The limit awaits Luka Doncic but, for now, he has no idea of ​​​​reaching it or even sighting it. Infinite in his imagination, doing everything I want and when he wants, the Slovenian, abducted by that extreme competitiveness that is exhausting for anyone, has that divine gift of surprising each night with something different. He lit up the NBA night with a dazzling 60 points against the New York Knicks to proclaim another victory for his author of the Dallas era (126-121) at home to the delight of his people with a stunning triple-double as garnishment. At 23 years old, the world is his, and so is history: no one had ever scored 60 points, 21 rebounds and 10 assists.

The ‘Niño Maravilla’ had fallen just one point against the Houston Rockets a few days ago from his top scorer -signed in February against the Clippers with 51 points-, and he became infatuated with his ‘high-career’. He took a very active ‘break’ on Christmas Day with 32 points against LeBron -perhaps so that the inauguration of his beloved Nowtitzki’s stature would not go unnoticed-, to attack the record this past dawn. And, although he was already a man, they noticed his words after the game that he is still just a 23-year-old boy who gave that boy free rein. “I’m tired as hell, I need a beer to recover,” the point guard blurted out with a smile.

The Slovenian had no words, all those that poured the legends, the retired and the active ones. And although Kristaps Porzingis, for the moment, does not fall into that category, a few numbers and a few letters represented the whole, how the lack of chemistry becomes admiration when there is such a manifestation of talent. “60/20/10? This guy is not normal,” said Luka’s former partner, stunned. “There will be another statue in Dallas…Luka is like that,” warned Kevin Garnett. “It’s unreal”, described, for his part, Pau Gasol.

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Doncic definitely has no limit: 60 points!