Is Anthony Brown the Cowboys’ most underrated defensive back?

In the middle of what will be the game against the Minnesota Vikings, the Dallas Cowboys are evaluating their options for the elements that will jump onto the field of play at US Bank Stadium. Among them is cornerback Anthony Brown. Who with a concussion in the clash against the Packers, could not return to the match.

When it comes to Anthony, there are mixed feelings when it comes to the fans. As expected, in a match there will always be some designated when the team loses. In the case of the game against the Packers, much of the blame fell on Dak Prescott and the defense that couldn’t stop the running game. Speaking of Brown, what is remembered about the cornerback are the penalties in the loss against the Raiders in 2021 in the Thanksgiving Day edition. On that occasion, he would receive four pass interference penalties. Which would eventually help the rivals to keep the result.

However, when Brown is on the field, it is a guarantee that the team will have a veteran who can do his job. It is true that in some cases people can have a bad day. But in the case of Brown, his absence was clearly noted at the time he was unable to return to Lambeau Field. Once the concussion took place, opposing quarterback Aaron Rodgers completed 10 of 14 passes for 151 yards and two scores.

Instead, Kelvin Joseph had to step up and play opposite Diggs. The difference could be noticed, since although it is true that Joseph is a great element in the special teams, he is still learning in the defensive aspects. Taking into consideration that he is already in his second year as a professional, the coverage failures became visible and this did not help the defense at all. Who already were suffering with the ground advances of Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon.

Of course, it is noticed when the starters are not playing. With Jourdan Lewis missing the rest of the season, rookie DaRon Bland has been filling in for him. Unsurprisingly, he’s still adjusting to how tough the NFL is, despite his strong performance in Week 4 against the Commanders. Thanks to this type of situation that cannot be controlled, it is where it is stated that Brown’s experience would have helped a little more. Despite how far below the table his production can be seen.

“I think Brown’s injury was a big challenge for us,” Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said. “I think it’s a very good experience for young players to go out on the field, but it’s like anything. They come out and haven’t had enough reps to fully deal with some things. That is why he did not look as good as expected.

The youngsters may still be looking for more experience and prominence in matches, but they certainly have to improve their style of play. Something that Brown knows very well, since he is in his seventh season in the NFL. This gives him great credentials despite all the criticism he may receive from different quarters.

“It’s a consistency that a lot of people don’t understand,” said teammate Jourdan Lewis. “I guess a lot of respected people in the NFL don’t understand or appreciate it. To a guy who can go out there and do his job and keep his team in the game to win, make timely plays.”

Coming back to the Brown shock, it’s widely believed that the defensive back will be ready for this Sunday’s clash. Early yesterday, Anthony visited a neurologist to find out the extent of the injury. However, in the injury report on Friday, Brown was fully participating. So he would totally depend on a technical decision if the cornerback is out of the game against the Vikings or not.

Brown’s work on the field of play may be underestimated thanks to past actions or situations. But what is certain is that he was sorely missed at Lambeau Field. We’ll see what happens this Sunday in the middle of the afternoon, but all the roads indicate that the veteran will be back in the defensive group. Either way, all the help possible is needed for the Cowboys to come out with a positive result from the present they are living.

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Is Anthony Brown the Cowboys’ most underrated defensive back?