LVBP: Leones del Caracas surpasses Magallanes in extra innings (Play by play)

Welcome to Meridiano’s coverage of the fourth game between the Eternal Rivals of the LVBP. Caracas dominates the particular series of the harvest and for life 2-1, Magallanes is up 408-397.


first inning

Freddy Fermín scored the first run of the game, after hitting a triple and being towed home with a sacrifice fly by José Rondón. After two tickets in a row by Ricardo Sánchez, Lenyn Sosa drives in the second run for Caracas with a single to left field. Magallanes went blank by way of 1-2-3 in the bottom of the first inning.

second inning

At the top of the inning, three hits in a row take Magallanes starter Ricardo Sánchez out of the game. Fermín appears again, this time with the bases loaded against Robert Zárate, with a two-run RBI single. Pereda tows another with a long double to CF, ends the inning with a run-run play between third and home. Magallanes leaves blank, with a hit by Alberth Martínez in the inning.

third inning

The reliever for the Turks, Jesús Fandiño withdrew the inning of Caracas by way of 1-2-3. Magallanes scores the first run after a throwing error by Lenyn Sosa and a single by Edwin Garcia. JC Ramírez leaves the threat with a double play.

fourth inning

Caracas leaves blank at the entrance through the 1-2-3 route. Magallanes also goes blank at the entrance on the fast track.

fifth inning

Leones and Magallanes do not make a career and retire on the path of 1-2-3.

sixth inning

The relief of Magallanes keeps the slate blank for Caracas. After two outs, Magallanes manufactures three runs with a single by Alberth Martinez and a RBI double by Rainel Rosario to right field. However, reliever Yoimer Camacho knew how to contain the Turkish offense.

seventh inning

Caracas placed three runners on the bases after two outs, with a pair of singles by Fermín and Rondón, along with a walk negotiated by Isaías Tejeda. However, the navieros’ reliever, Anthony Vizcaya, knew how to get the inning out with a ground ball down track 13. In the loss of this inning, Yoime Camacho remained intractable, withdrawing the inning through the 1-2-3 route.

eighth inning

Vizcaya returns to the mound and throws a scoreless inning against the bottom of the long-haired lineup. Tyler Wilson led off the bottom half of the inning, but was able to retire only one batter and left two sluggers out there. However, the long-haired closer Anthony Castro sealed the entry with a double play.

ninth inning

Bruce Rondón managed to get the blank inning, but tempers flared between the two ninths. Anthony Castro held on to close out the game, but allowed a pair of game-tying doubles at five runs a side. Daniel Mayora was the hero with a connection through left field. Castro pulled the inning to send the game to extra innings.

tenth inning

The long-haired team took advantage of the second base runner, an undisputed Wilfredo Giménez and a wild pitch to go up on the board. José Mujica took over and was able to keep Magallanes’ bullshit at bay to put the series 3-1 in favor of Caracas.


Caracas 6-5 Magellan

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LVBP: Leones del Caracas surpasses Magallanes in extra innings (Play by play)