In America they assure that they are to death with Renato Ibarra: “We are together for whatever”

In America there is a good atmosphere and that is how the team’s players make it feel when supporting the Ecuadorian Renato Ibarra

Fernando Madrigal, a soccer player for America, expressed that within the Azulcrema squad they support all the players to the death, just as they did with Renato Ibarra on his return to the Eagles.

As a team, it is a group that we all bench, that we are to death and we are together for whatever. Renato came to contribute a lot to the team, as I think all the reinforcements have done. It is a very noble team on the field, that everyone helps each other, which everyone supports and with Renato he was no exception, it seems to me that it is a good group that is there to achieve great things in the two tournaments that we have ”, he declared at a press conference this Wednesday prior to the duel against León.

Renato adds the same as we have added all, we have added all the reinforcements, those who came from the Olympics, the squad is broader, the coaching staff has more to choose from, the competition is greater and makes the level of the team grow, The level that we bring has been shown in the first dates, that we are undefeated and that we want to continue like this. Whether it is Renato or Osuna, who has also recently arrived, all of us help us to add, that the team grows and that we are better as a squad ”.

Madrigal spoke about the questions that América has received, which, despite being the leader in the Apertura 2021, has been criticized for the style of play they have practiced since Santiago Solari arrived.

Maybe the fans want the team to be more offensive, more goalscorer, but we are in our clear objective which is to win and we have done so in these first dates, only a draw and the other victories. I think that what matters most here is the fact of winning, and the forms match by match we are going to improve, that I have more than certain because people who were in the Olympics are integrating, people who were injured, so the more squad we have, the larger the squad, the level of the team will go up, so we are not only going to win, we are also going to give back on the field ”.