Surprise: in England they assure that Pochettino “is ready” to leave PSG and take over at Manchester United

Mauricio Pochettino has a contract until June 2023 with PSG (Reuters) After Saturday’s 4-1 loss to Watfrod, the Manchester United announced that Ole’s cycle Gunnar Solskjaer leading the first team had finished. Immediately, the managers of the English giant activated the engines to find his replacement as quickly as possible and in just a few … Read more

In Europe they assure that Zinedine Zidane is close to replacing Pochettino at PSG

In Spain they assure that there may be a change of coach at PSG Photo: Getty Images The pressures on PSG are related to the expectation generated by a squad loaded with figures. In a team that has international stars like Lionel Messi, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Ángel Di María, Mauro Icardi and Marco Verratti, among … Read more

In America they assure that they are to death with Renato Ibarra: “We are together for whatever”

In America there is a good atmosphere and that is how the team’s players make it feel when supporting the Ecuadorian Renato Ibarra Fernando Madrigal, a soccer player for America, expressed that within the Azulcrema squad they support all the players to the death, just as they did with Renato Ibarra on his return to … Read more

PSG has the dressing room ‘divided’ by the possible arrivals of Ramos and Donnarumma, they assure in France

1625362493 PSG has the dressing room divided by the possible arrivals

In silence and away from the spotlight, the Paris Saint-Germain He has been taking important steps behind the scenes to get reinforcements in Europe, and especially in those well-known ‘market opportunities’: players who are at the end of their contract and can reach the roster without big numbers. If you want to receive alerts from … Read more