Hangover NFL: What gave people something to talk about this Week 9 – 2022

We are nowhere near the end of Week 9 of the 2022 Season, and as usual he left us a Hangover NFL much talked about in NFL circles on and off the field. Sunday’s activity left us with several stories that we should highlight as anecdotes, achievements and things that probably made us laugh. Others not so much, but I bring them here so we can continue the conversation.

Ready? Let’s start.

What %$&#@ were you doing there, Officer?

The Washington Commanders put up a fight against the Vikings in a matchup that looked uneven but the Vikings play in a way that doesn’t convince anyone. However, the locals, led by their backup QB Taylor Heinicke, turned the score around when they lost 7-3 in the third quarter thanks to the official deep in the field getting in the way of the Vikings’ defensive player. to clear the way for Curtis Samuel:

The pass looked set to end in a turnover, but thanks to this, the Commanders took the lead. Here the phrase that many fans like applies: “the referees helped them”.

Keen? Yes a bit. But the Vikings came back in the fourth quarter from a 10-point deficit to earn their seventh win of the season. Which brings me to the next point.

Cousins ​​ALWAYS likes that!

We’ve seen Kirk Cousins ​​celebrate effusively in the past, back when he was playing in Washington. This occasion was no exception because in the locker room they gave him the word to say the phrase that helped him to be immortalized even in shirts.

And well, on his return to Minnesota he was seen in an unusual way in which he was shirtless and with several medals doing a choreography.

I feel that the Vikings’ record is a bit misleading and that in the next four games they could prove me right… or not. You have to wait, but they are certainly enjoying themselves.

Hey Tom, how does it feel to get another comeback in your career?

The Buccaneers’ 2022 season hasn’t been easy, and neither has the situation for Tom Brady on and off the field of play. Many of us already considered it eliminated and withdrawn. However, yesterday he showed us that he still has that ability that he has shown us in previous years to come back in the game and, why not, in the season.

The Rams stopped him at the 6-yard line, and it looked like on a first down, the Bucs would lose again. But it didn’t happen that way, so they returned the ball to him with 44 seconds left. It was more than enough: Brady did it again, mounting a 60-yard drive that ended with a touchdown pass to Cade Otton.

This was his reaction at the end of the game:

And just like that began his press conference after the game.


Tom Brady has 100,000 passing yards in his career, combining regular season and playoffs. No one else even comes close. If we were traveling at 91.44 kilometers per hour, it would take 60 minutes to cover all the yards that Brady has thrown.

You can hate it or love it, but this achievement is brutal.

The celebrations that I liked the most

The Vikings got a strike!

Massive little angels in Cincy

Lights! Camera…wait a minute!

Rare is this type of problem, and more so in the NFL. Well yesterday in the duel between Bills and Jets there was a problem with the sky cam. What can it affect? Well, in the pace of the game because such a breakdown resulted in a delay of more than 10 minutes.

The game was paused in order to remove the camera so it wouldn’t get in the way of some submissions.

This situation arose when the Jets were running the ball well early in the third quarter, and after that, the Jets lost the ball. So they didn’t break the Bills’ rhythm, don’t look for that justification for their loss.

Another problem with cameras, but not because of malfunctions, but because of getting in the way, was in the game in Atlanta in which Justin Herbert heads towards the field of play to take control of his offense and boom! He got in his way.

It did not happen to adults, but it remained as an anecdote.

Jalen Ramsey again?

Someone needs to tell Jalen Ramsey that dirty clothes are washed at home. And I understand the player’s discomfort, but they are things that must be solved within the team. The Rams cornerback expressed his discomfort with the actions of the offense, and I really agree with him because Matt Stafford and his boys have not been anywhere near what they showed in 2021. In any case, I do not agree with the way to criticize them with the press.

These kinds of things are what led him to seek his release from the Jaguars. Let the novel begin with the Los Angeles Rams!

Mike Vrabel: “Wide Receivers are not needed where we’re going.”

It’s unlikely that in today’s NFL passing game, we’ll see a team finish with zero catches for their Wide Receivers. In fact, so sad was the passing attack by the Titans on Sunday night that we only saw five receptions from the AFC South representatives … and they almost caused an upset.

Unheard of what happened yesterday with the Titans.

This ends this edition of Hangover NFL. I invite you to share your stories with us. trends and highlights on Twitter with the hashtag #HangoverNFL and tagging the account of @Primeroydiez Y @jorgetinajeroe.

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Hangover NFL: What gave people something to talk about this Week 9 – 2022