Brazil: The selection of those ‘forgotten’ by Tite that will not be in the World Cup in Qatar

“If that player had been in the Cup, it would have been different.” The phrase is recurring after each World Cup, especially if the Brazilian team is not champion, which has not happened since 2002. Someone is always missing, right?

It wouldn’t be any different for him. Qatar World Cup, with the famous and traditional selection of the “forgotten”. All the players on the following list were, at some point, in the coach’s plans Tite for the world Cup. But they failed to earn their place in the end list.

“High-level players are being summoned. It’s not me, they have earned it, with high performance,” said Tite, after sharing the list of the 26 players who will represent Brazil in qatar. “These are elections, which carry the weight of leaving someone out.”

The following list does not include injured players, such as Guilherme Arana and Philippe Coutinhotrusted men of Tite that they would have had their safe place in the World Cup.

There are also some footballers who disappeared from the coach’s radar a long time ago. For example, midfielder Arthurwho is now injured, ceased to be considered by Tite after leaving the Juventusand the forward Everton Cebolinhatop scorer and champion of the America’s Cup 2019who left the benfica and is currently in the flamingo.

Next, we share with you the selection of the “forgotten” of Tite:

confidence man of Titechampion of world of clubs with the coach in 2012. Present in the list of Russia 2018, but disappeared from the squad after the world and lost space palm trees.

With physical strength and good attacking power, the 23-year-old winger appeared in the fight for one of the Cup places, especially after leaving Barcelona and being transferred to Tottenhamin July 2021. He played the America Cup the same year, but began to lose ground after being sent off in the draw against Ecuador in January for the playoffs. The fact that he is not a key player in the English club also contributed to his not appearing on the final list.

Gabriel Magalhaes

Regular name in the matches of the Arsenal in the last three seasons, the 24-year-old defender was called up by Tite for friendlies against South Korea and japan in June, but he had no minutes.

The 27-year-old defender had been summoned by Tite in the last cycle, but a serious knee injury suffered in November 2021 hindered the player’s plans to play the world Cup. He returned to the courts in October, but without time to compete for a place in the final call.

Lodi played 15 games for the national team between 2019 and 2021, but in January of this year, the left-back was left off the list of Tite for matches against Ecuador Y Paraguayfor the qualifiers, after not wanting to receive the second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19. His decision caused annoyance to the coaching staff. In addition, he was loaned by the Atletico Madrid to the Nottingham Forest and has failed to shine PremierLeague.

The 21-year-old midfielder showed above-average maturity and skill in the palm trees in 2021. He began the year “flying” in the Alviverde team and was summoned by Tite for matches against South Korea and Japan, in June. Interestingly, after the call, his performance dropped, accumulating yellow cards, two expulsions and leaving the coach’s radar.

With 24 years, douglas He is a starter and one of the key players in the Aston-Villa, even scoring Olympic goals. The absence of the midfielder can be treated as a personal choice for Tite. It is true that his level dropped at the end of last season, but he returned to his best version this season, is it a surprise that he does not appear on the list? Nope.


His transfer of flamingo to the Olympic Marseillein 2021, could be treated as the key moment to consolidate the career of Gerson. But it had the opposite effect and his move to France diminished his chances of contesting the Qatar World Cup. If in Rio de Janeiro he became one of the best players in Brazilian soccer, in France he disappeared.

The forward made his debut for the national team in 2014, after worldwhen defending the Hoffenheim and he was unknown to much of the public. He joined Liverpool in 2015, became a starter in the team Jurgen Klopp and also won a place in the Brazilian team that played the World Cup in Russia. The good football of the last matches in the premier league did not convince Titeand his low level in the 2021-2022 season weighed on the 31-year-old being left off the list.

with the t-shirt flamingo He presumes to be one of the greatest idols in history, but, in the national team, he has not had good performances. He was summoned to the Copa America 2021, however, scored only one goal. He was called up sporadically in the qualifiers and in 2022 he formed an attacking duo with Pedrowho was summoned to the World Cup.

His good football with the shirt of the Ajax led him to be summoned by Tite and started the America’s Cup 2019 as holder. The tough competition caused him to lose ground, but in the benfica showed a good level in the final stretch before the call. However, it was too late and he ended up out of the final call.

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Brazil: The selection of those ‘forgotten’ by Tite that will not be in the World Cup in Qatar