Five players looking for their next big contract in the 2021 season

While the coronavirus pandemic last year disrupted the NFL’s earnings due to health restrictions that prevented the league from getting close to $ 4 billion per ticket, the week added to the calendar will bring increased revenue that will help retain some of his figures or look for other players in free agency.

Much of the sports narrative takes place on the field, the reality is that the NFL is a business everyone wants to be a part of. During the next season, several veterans will play for their next big contract with which they guarantee their financial security.

Lamar Jackson (Ravens)

With the risk of missing some games due to not being a participant in the vaccination program against COVID, Lamar Jackson to enter 2021 campaign intensifying talks with Ravens for reaching a long-term agreement that rewards his performance in the regular season where he has accumulated 30 wins and seven losses. The only pending that the Baltimore quarterback has for now is to show that he can perform the same in the playoffs when they are games without tomorrow.

Davante Adams (Packers)

For many one of the best receivers in the league, Adams looks to become the league’s highest paid receiver by beating DeAndre Hookins who has the best salary per season to obtain 27.25 million dollars. Adams, who has been to four consecutive Pro Bowls, is aiming to hit those numbers in what could be Aaron Rodgers’ final season in Green Bay.

JC Jackson (Patriots)

If there’s a safety that causes more than concern to a quarterback, it’s JC Jackson who in three seasons with New England has managed to intercept 17 passes, nine of them last season. Jackson has established himself as a member of the Patriots defense that for this season they will pay him less than 3.5 million dollars, a check that will undoubtedly have to be extended by a lot if their plans are to continue counting on him and his interceptions

Juju Smith-Schuster (Steelers)

The Steelers receiver intends to impact the team’s management with similar or better performances than those he had at the beginning of his career when he dazzled and excited as the new great star of the league. In Pittsburgh, they hope that the $ 8 million they will pay Smith-Schuster this year will be a profitable investment. During the offseason the catcher received at least three better offers that he scrapped because of his feelings about playing for the Steelers and signing his next big paycheck.

TJ Watt (Steelers)

The office at Pittsburgh will have several crossroads at the end of the campaign. In addition to whether or not to retain Smith-Schuster and decipher what Ben Ben Roethlisberger’s future could be, on the pending board is Watt’s contract. The linebacker has become one of the men most feared by quarterbacks with 49.5 sacks in four seasons, including 15 sacks, the league’s highest in 2020.