Emerson Royal presentation, live | The press conference live today

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19:25The wheel of
Emerson Royal as a new player of the
Barça, will soon have the highlights in
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19:22Emerson Royal dares with Catalan: “Sóc molt feliç d’estar a Barcelona”.

19:22Joan Laporta: “I just want to thank you for having fulfilled your dream of playing for Barça and we wish you the best possible successes. You are seen as an excellent person and that is very important.”

19:21Emerson Royal: “For me it is a dream and it represents the dream of many people. I value this very much and I am going to do my best. It is a dream come true.”

19:20Joan Laporta: “I know that Leo wants to stay and I value this fact very much. That the best player in the world stays I value it. Everything is well under way. Every night I have sweet dreams when I think of Leo Messi. I hope they continue.”

19:18Joan Laporta: “I would not like to focus on one player. If we do not have more ‘fair play’ we will not be able to make more incorporations. The strength of Barça gives us the ability to do them. Griezmann is happy with the coach, he is a professional. Against Stuttgart he fought like him What else, it is a situation in which we are open because there was interest in him. If the market does not give a situation to leave, he has a contract with Barça and we have to respect the contract. “

19:16Joan Laporta: “There is a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of team spirit. We have the coach excited because he sees the squad compensated. I have seen a very good atmosphere. With some players we are in a phase of reaching agreements and they have shown me an appreciation and have prioritized the institution for Above personal interests. The issue that there are young people also helps that there is a good group and that the veterans have welcomed them. We regain intensity and play with an attractive system. The new incorporations ask for step and there is a very good atmosphere Ronald is a person of dialogue and his entire staff is very excited “.

19:14Joan Laporta: “With Ilaix we will try to prevent his case from being repeated. He has one year left on his contract and he does not want to accept the club’s conditions. We do not accept it and we have to send a message to the quarry. If he does not want to renew he has other solutions. that we do not want are players that we have made at home and do not want to renew. He is a player that we have given him opportunities, but above all there is the club and they cannot give us this pulse. I would like him to reconsider and we reached an agreement. We cannot allow us to promote him and then leave without Barça taking advantage of it. We will not accept him with any player. “

19:12Emerson Royal: “If they are at Barcelona it is because they are the best players. I come to fight for a position, respecting my teammates, but to fight for the position.”

19:11Emerson Royal: “They are players who have made history here, especially Dani Alves. I have him as an idol, he is a reference for many people. I spoke with him and he told me to continue working as I continue to do.”

19:10Emerson Royal: “Playing against Messi is impossible. He is the best in the world and has a knack for doing things … if you’re not careful. Every time I faced him I lost. I was sad about the Copa América, but happy for Messi because he deserved this. “

19:09Joan Laporta: “I appreciate the words of Ángel Torres, but I don’t dare tell the other presidents what they should do. We all love Leo in LaLiga, he helps promote LaLiga all over the world.”

19:08Joan Laporta: “The players we are incorporating can all register. We wanted more flexibility from LaLiga so that there is more ‘financial fair play’ and there are possibilities of incorporating someone else. With Leo everything is going well, we are trying to resolve important issues for both parts “.

19:07Joan Laporta: “We are doing what we can. He is progressing well. In line with what we have all thought, within the possibilities we have. We continue in the process and I continue to see many possibilities. Leo wants to continue at Barça and we will do our best.”

19:06Joan Laporta: “We have encountered important obstacles, but we have time to make it possible. Everything is going quite well. With the incorporations and those who have come up from the quarry, we are making a very competitive team. We already have highly talented defenders, but we incorporate more . In the media, we were able to see a very exciting first preseason game. We will see if we can do some more reinforcement “.

19:03Emerson Royal: “For me it is a pride to be here, for everything. Because of a job that I started at the age of nine, I was at Atlético Mineiro and it helped me a lot. Later I was at Betis and they demanded a lot of me. Now I’m at Barcelona and it’s a very great pride “.

19:02Joan Laporta: “I think that if we see that the technical conditions are good, we really like the presentations here, in the stands. I’m sure that under normal conditions you would see them full.”

19:01Emerson Royal: “It is a pleasure to be here at Barcelona. I had the dream of being here at Barcelona and I make a commitment that I will do my best. It is very difficult to be here and I will take advantage of the opportunity in the best possible way. Work is a commitment that I have with you, the fans and the representatives of the club. “

19:00Joan Laporta: “I want to thank the family and representatives of Emerson. You have done a great job with the club so that it can be here. Emerson has to help us a lot to build this sports project that we are so eager to see succeed. Watching the video, I remembered of great Brazilian players who have played right back like Belletti and Dani Alves. It is a very important position for us and we wish you great success. Emerson has a clause of 300 million and we hope that he will be here for many years at Barça, enjoying his Football. It comes to a club that is more than a club, it is a declaration of principles. We are a Catalan club open to the world and I hope you will join in a short period of time. In this global Barça you will have a great time. I am sure that you have come to achieve many successes and have a good time. “

18:56Turn now for a video of the best plays of
Emerson Royal with Betis.

18:55Emerson comes out to hold the press conference! President
Joan Laporta is next to him and they pose with the shirt of the


18:51All prepared for
Emerson Royal respond to the press. The right back will be accompanied by the president
Joan Laporta.

18:45The time for the press conference of
Emerson Royal. We will see what the Brazilian international says in his first statements to the media.

18:39Emerson Royal has already worn the new shirt of the
Barça and he was very happy during the photo shoot on the Camp Nou pitch.


18:35Emerson He retires to the changing room tunnel to change again and at 7:00 p.m. he is scheduled to appear at a press conference.

18:35Emerson Royal he is also encouraged to kiss the shield of the
Barça. The Brazilian is visibly excited and hugs
Laporta in a conspiratorial gesture.

18:33Emerson Royal He poses very smiling on the grass, aware of the great step he has taken in his career. The Brazilian cannot hide his smile from ear to ear.

18:31Emerson Royal appears on the Camp Nou pitch!

18:31Emerson Royal will have a contract with him
Barça until 2024, but the Brazilian is expected to extend his relationship with the Barça club for more seasons.
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18:26Thus has posed
Emerson Royal with
Joan Laporta after signing his contract as a new player of the
Barça. The Brazilian is visibly happy with the new challenge ahead.


18:23Expectation at the Camp Nou to see the departure of
Emerson Royal to the grass with the shirt of the

18:18We still do not know what the number of
Emerson Royal with the
BarçaBut we already know that the Brazilian will wear the name “E. Royal” on his shirt.

18:13After this formal moment,
Emerson will now go down to the Camp Nou changing room for the first time to get dressed in the team’s kit
Barça and take the photo session on the pitch.

18:11Emerson poses with
Joan Laporta with the t-shirt of
Barça and take a picture with their relatives. Special moment for the Brazilian.

18:09Emerson Royal has already signed his contract as a new Barça player!

18:06Joan Laporta, on the signing of
Emerson: “Today is a day of great joy. Emerson is a player who has great experience in LaLiga. At Barça there is a taste for good football and I’m sure he will help us a lot to build the Barça of the future.”

Emerson Royal, accompanied by the president
Joan Laporta, at the Llotja President Suñol to sign the contract.

18:03Everything prepared at the Camp Nou for the presentation of
Emerson Royal. On the lawn there is a decoration for the occasion so that the Brazilian is presented in style as a Barça player.

18:01Finally, at 7:00 p.m.,
Emerson will appear at a press conference to answer questions from the media for the first time as a player of the

17:59Later, at 6.30 p.m., it will be the turn for
Emerson take the traditional photographic session on the Camp Nou pitch and make your first touches of the ball as a culé.

17:58In a few moments, at 6:00 p.m., it is expected that
Emerson Royal sign your contract as a new player of the
Barça next to the president
Joan Laporta at the Llotja President Suñol.

17:56In addition, the Brazilian also trained at the Ciutat Esportiva with his compatriot
Philippe Coutinho to be fit to join the training of the first team when the ‘stage’ in Germany ends.
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17:55Before his presentation as a new player of the
Emerson He passed the medical examination at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper under the supervision of the Barça club’s medical services.
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17:52After the presentations of
Eric Garcia Y
Memphis, the coming-out of
Emerson It is the last of the new signings for next season, waiting for more reinforcements to arrive.

17:51Emerson Royal, 22, played last year at the
Betis at a high level and the
Barça it chose to pay 9 million euros to exercise its repurchase right.

17:46Good afternoon and welcome to the live presentation of
Emerson Royal as a new player of the
FC Barcelona!