Chicago Bears 2021 NFL Season Analysis

By Luis Hernandez@LuisHernz7)

Renewed airs were breathed in the Windy City, as the fans of Soldier Field were eager to start the era of the QB selected in the Draft for their Chicago Bears. However, another disappointing season and coach Matt Nagy’s recklessness in administering remedies to the tune of “better bad as known than good as known” cost him a dismal performance this season and his firing as head coach.

And it is that at the beginning of the season, the bettors of Las Vegas gave the “Monsters of the Midway” 7.5 wins in the season. They ended up getting six, and just three at home, finishing third in the NFC North.

The 2021 Chicago Bears season

According to ESPN These were their numbers this year:

Offense: #24 Defense: #6

By Air: #30 By Air: #3

Overland: #14 Overland: #23

By Points: #27 By Points: #22

Considering Nagy earned his place as head coach after coming in as a relatively successful offensive coordinator for the Chiefs for two years. More was expected of him and the offense this year instead of such mediocre numbers,

One point to consider is that, of the six wins they have achieved, three have come under their rookie QB Justin Fields, who missed five games due to injury and illness, played half the game against the Ravens in Week 11 before leaving for a concussion, and he played only 7 snaps in the debut week game, presumably because the coach didn’t want to send Fields to war against the fury of Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams defense

In these games, the new leader of the Bears finished the season as the 31st QB in passing yards with 1,870 in 12 games, and as the 31st QB in TD, with only 7 passes thrown for 10 interceptions and 36 sacks that place him as the 10th most sacked QB of the season.

Without a doubt, the offensive line is a pending and priority issue for 2022, however, in those same 12 games he finished as QB 5 in rushing yards with 420, encouraging figures due to Fields’ style of play and the magnificent footwork that the player has. graduated from Ohio State, something that can certainly help the new staff to prepare the offense in the future

Fields’ loss wasn’t the only important one for these Bears during the season. Especially defensively, they suffered the lack of star LBs Khalil Mack and Danny Trevathan due to injuries (they only played 7 and 5 games respectively) and it was noticeable in the yardage and points allowed. Both are expected to be back in 2022 because they are still under contract.

With an average of 18 points per game, WR Allen Robinson’s low game was very noticeable. He was painted to be Fields’ main weapon or the eternal Andy Dalton on offense, he played only 12 games and it is very likely that we have seen his last games as a Chicago player.

12-year veteran TE Jimmy Graham’s contract ends this year and should clear the way for second-year player Cole Kmet, of whom much is expected. The ones that did come as a pleasant surprise were WR Darnell Mooney and rookie RB Khalil Herbert.

The first ended with the triple crown in Chicago, leader in receptions (81), yards (1,055) and TD (4), without a doubt in his second year he exploded and is expected at the expense of free agency to be Robinson’s heir and become Fields’s main weapon, meanwhile Herbert, who knew how to take advantage of Tarik Cohen’s loss and the games where Damien Williams was absent to become David Montgomery’s main ally in the backfield and at the same time position himself as his main substitute for facing 2022, both pleasant surprises

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The Bears’ 2021 season MVP

EDGERobert Quinn

His second year at Soldier Field ended up being both a blast and a relief for Chicago. Mack’s downfall was barely noticeable with Quinn on his side: 49 tackles, 4 forced fumbles and a career-high 18.5 sacks and trailing TJ Watt this year.

Quinn has a contract in 2022 and will undoubtedly cause terror to the rival OLs, not for nothing did he end up as a second team All Pro in 2021.

The best moment of his 2021 season

In week 5 they visited the Raiders, who arrived with a 3-1 record. Mack and Trevathan still managed to play together and became the nightmare of Las Vegas, especially offensively, since until the fourth quarter they had only been able to score 3 points.

Also a result of this were 3 sacks for Derek Carr and one more interception, just 111 yards from a Justin Fields who completed his third game as a starter, but a solid running game with Khalil Herbert and a TD from Damien Williams helped to get his third. win of the season, they win as underdogsAs visitors and with a dominant defense, the match ended 20-9 in favor of these Bears, who looked very good.

The worst moment of this season

Week 7 had an insurmountable compromise in which they came out as underdogs by the Buccaneers’ -12 line, and that didn’t sound good to the Bears. Not only did they cover that betting line, but it was also their worst game of the season.

Only three points in the entire match was Chicago’s production that day at Raymond James, also derived from 4 sacks and 3 interceptions for Fields. The champs wanted to welcome Fields to the league, and it was certainly a game hard to forget for him and the Bears, as they were blown out 38-3 on the afternoon as Brady recorded his 600th TD.

What is expected in the 2022 season?

Changes, definitely, starting with the HC, Nagy has already finished his stage in Chicago and with it the choice of a HC for the team was imperative. That point has already been met. the hiring of Matt Eberflus the day this analysis is published.

A priori, with the hiring of the man most praised for how the Colts’ defense is built, it will help to recover its historical identity of that side of the ball. Roquan Smith can become one of the best LBs in the league (if he can get even better).

Of course, he needs an offensive coordinator to complement him, because he has been a defensive coach his entire career because it is urgent develop Fields, improve on the offensive line to avoid as many sacks and add another reliable WR on the opposite side of Mooney in the face of Allen Robinson’s potential loss. The most important thing is to show a performance that improves this forgettable year 2021 of the Bears.

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Chicago Bears 2021 NFL Season Analysis