‘Ospina asleep’ and the memes of Colombia’s painful defeat against Peru

Colombia could not succeed in Barranquilla: the team fell 0-1 against Peru on date number 15 of the qualifiers to World Cup Qatar 2022 and reduces their chances of qualifying for the biggest event in the sport.

Although the national team tried to end the goal drought, neither Cuadrado, James, Falcao, Díaz or Borja succeeded.

During the game, the team had several options, including a shot by Borja on goal that goalkeeper Gallese stopped. For his part, Édison Flores was in charge of scoring in favor of Peru at 85 minutes.

Thus, Colombia completed six games without scoring a goal and the defeat at home distances it from qualifying for the World Cup to be held in November.

Although the defeat of Colombia at home left the fans sad, the networks did not forgive and put humor in the key moments of the game.

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One of the moments most criticized by Colombians was Peru’s goal, where the goalkeeper David Ospina He didn’t have his best reaction.

The networks also reacted to the role of Reinaldo Wheel, national team coach, in defeat.

Now, Colombia will have to face against Argentina, a team that is already qualified for the Qatar World Cup, being the second in the tie with 32 points.

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Colombian scenarios

The selection was in sixth position with 17 points. It is located three points from fourth position, where Peru is located (direct qualification zone), and two points from the playoff zone, where it is currently Uruguay.

Colombia must win in Córdoba, where their next match against Argentina will be played. However, Argentina has not lost since 2019: it completes 28 games without defeat.

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In the remaining dates, Colombia will have to face bolivia in Barranquilla and Venezuela as a visitor in the last double date of the qualifiers, in March.

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‘Ospina asleep’ and the memes of Colombia’s painful defeat against Peru