American football in Germany? The NFL could make it happen for the 2022 season

The NFL is a global phenomenon and the sold-out games in England are proof of that. It is not only a product for North America, but all over the world. That is why the league already has in mind a well-known venue for the NFL and it is Germany.

Germany and football? It may be that, in an initial thought, they are two things that do not go together or do not combine, but that is a mistake, because the Teutonic country has a taste more than known for the NFLSo, a regular season game in that country will be a success.

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The NFL ad that this Tuesday, October 12, the three cities in Germany that will be candidates to have a regular season game in the following campaign will be mentioned. So London and Mexico City are not the only destinations that the league has contemplated.

They were NFL owners, who approved, in addition to the extension of one more game to the regular season, that, Starting in 2022, at least four international games will be played in the NFL and each team in the league will take turns playing one game outside of the United States every eight seasons.

For this season of 2021, the NFL only organized a couple of games in London and this Sunday, October 10, it was played between the Falcons and the Jets. The second game outside of the United States will be played on October 17 between the Jaguars and Dolphins..

Falcons vs Jets at Tottenham Stadium

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Why Germany to host an NFL regular season game?

For those of you who are not diehard NFL fans, we’ll have to put them in context, because there’s a reason why the biggest football league in the world chose London and soon three cities in Germany to go play a game regular season.

In Germany they not only have a great fanaticism for soccer mainly, but also for American football, in fact, several German cities had many professional teams in a league called NFL Europe. Teutonic teams were the majority in that league.

Barcelona Dragons, NFL Europe team

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Several teams from Germany participated in the NFL Europe, in total there were five teams that played the league in different cities. Berlin Thunder, Cologne Centurions, Frankfurt Galaxy, Hamburg Sea Devils and Rhein Fire.

So, knowing this, it is no surprise that the NFL has considered Germany a destination for a regular season game and the Germans can be just as fond of the Americans themselves, so the expansion of the NFL will reach two countries in Europe.

Hamburg Sea Devils, NFL Europe team

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