Alert in Madrid with Kroos

Alert in Madrid with Kroos

The injuries do not leave the Madrid nor in preseason. To the players who have suffered physical discomfort these days such as Mendy, Carvajal or Hazard has joined Toni Kroos, and in the case of the German the worrying situation. As the club reported on its social networks, He has been diagnosed with pubalgia and his evolution is pending. It is an injury that usually has a slow rehabilitation process and in which it is difficult to calculate a recovery time. What is certain is that he will not be in the league debut against him Alaves and that he will also miss the first days of competition at least, until the end of September.

After several months of pubic problems, I think it’s time to give it a break and work on it to be well prepared for this long season. I will be back as soon as possible, as always, “the player published on his social networks once his injury was announced. It should be remembered that he is a fairly resistant player, as his record shows: in seven seasons at the white club he has only missed 29 games due to physical discomfort, and his longest recovery process was 28 days due to a cracked foot in 2017. This pubalgia will almost certainly be his most serious injury since he arrived in the capital in 2014.

A pubalgia is a complex pathology, but not serious. Sometimes it works with a conservative treatment and other times it doesn’t. Yuri, player of the Athletic, He spent the whole season playing with that ailment and has had to operate. It is very difficult to establish recovery periods from pubalgia “, says Dr. González, sports doctor and collaborator in AS. There are cases that invite optimism such as that of Xabi Alonso, which in 2013 was operated on Germany and in just a month and a half he was back in competition. Sergio Bouquets or Messi they avoided going through the operating room and opted for a conservative treatment, treating themselves with anti-inflammatories and rest.

On the contrary, in the White House the bad experience of Kaka. The Brazilian signed for Madrid in 2009 with the galactic band in the new project of Florentine. But nevertheless, He arrived with a pubalgia that weighed him down for years and did not allow him to reach the level that had taken him years before to be Ball of Gold. His problems were so long that it was speculated that it was a chronic problem, something that the player himself had to deny.

Praise, recovered

The one who has returned to training has been David Praise. The Austrian has recovered in just one week from COVID-19 and has joined the preseason again. His return could mean that next Sunday, in the friendly against him Milan in Austria, he made his debut with the white shirt. He has also trained with his teammates Hazard, who seems to have gotten over the physical discomfort that made him work apart last week. The session was also marked by the return of the Brazilians, Vinicius, Militao Y Casemiro, who have exercised together with the group for the first time after returning from vacation.