Female boxers scolded for showing off softball team

Female boxers scolded for showing off softball team

I put myself in an Olympic plan. A case that gave much to talk about and that had consequences is that of the softball, whose uniforms were displayed in the trash by boxers Brianda Tamara and Esmeralda Falcón. Well, not now it turns out that the boxers got scold by managers! They told me that people from Conade, COM and the softol federation itself complained about the posts they made on social networks “without asking for permission.” Do me favor Really, our sports authorities lack a lot of criteria.


I continue with him Jimmy lozano and how Japan is interested in your services.

First I thought that it would have been through the Japanese auxiliary who is with the Tri in TokyoRyota Nishimura, who has been working in Mexican soccer since 2012, from being with Caixinha in Cruz Azul to Jimmy in Querétaro, even winning bronze with El Tri in Lima 2019. But he had nothing to do with it.

It turns out that the contact of the Japanese federation is through the physical trainer, the Spanish Aníbal González, who after working in Cimarrones, tried his luck in the Second Division of the country of the rising sun, to later return to our country already in contact with Lozano, who takes him to the Olympics.

Thus, from the Japanese Federation they asked about Lozano’s work, about his profile, because they like what he shows in the Olympic tournament, so in one of those he puts on Japanese football and they end up signing him. Will be?


By the way, the President of Doña Fede, Inge De Luisa, is moving heaven, sea and earth to be present in the Tri medal matches in Tokyo, which will be for bronze on Saturday or for gold on Sunday (it depends of what happened this morning against Brazil).

I already told you that it is not easy at all to access the Games in the Japanese country, neither for the press nor for the directors of the federations, because health control continues to the maximum, so although I do not doubt that De Luisa will be there, it is not easy.


Now with the baseball disaster. Contrary to what happened with soccer, for years hit in our country by criticism that reproached him for the lack of results despite the great support, now it is the ‘King of Sports’. The failure of the President’s favorite sport was huge, but surely my cotton head was more busy with the consultation than in sending a scolding to his players.

Well, the embarrassing Mexican performance is not going to stop there, but rather a novelon derived from that photo in which the players posed with Tomateros’ flannel on the Olympic rings. Not only did he piss off the COM, but the anger reached the International Olympic Committee, which has already launched at Mexican executives: “This is going to cost you.” Just as you read it. The IOC has already assembled weapons and a legal lawsuit is coming against Tomateros for crossing the line, for taking advantage of their emblems to promote a professional team, even though they knew the rules.

Not even though they later tried to cover it up as a joke will they be saved. The father organism of the Olympic movement is not going to leave a puppet with a head in Culiacán for passing from alive and let’s see if it does not also cost our Federation and the COM the culichi joke.


They also told me that Ana Guevara tried to console one of the athletes who were most devastated by the fourth place she achieved: Yahel Castillo, the diver who shot synchronized on the springboard.

After the Germans snatched the podium from them, the 34-year-old from Guadalajara was devastated, to the extent that he went to lock up one of the changing rooms of the Olympic pool, where he cried out his nose, to the extent that he did not even come out to show his face to the waiting reporters. As Guevara was in the competition, the number was such that he decided to go for Yahel, to console him and ask him to attend the media, but Castillo did not stop, with the crocodile to everything. It was so worrisome that they even called medical personnel to check that the episode will not happen again.

In the end, only the ‘rookie’ Juan Celaya stood before microphones and recorders (which are no longer recorders, but cell phones) to put his head up and ensure that he will work until he gets that medal that escaped. At the age of 22, he showed the character that the veteran Yahel lacked, who ended up escaping from the press and days later he just uploaded a message on his social networks.


Already on pamboleros issues of our country, I will tell you about what happened to Tigres and the claim of some users on the Viva Aerobús trip, who assured that the northern team “had taken away their place” to go to Monterrey. Which is wrongly told.

It must be clarified that the San Nicolás club rented the flight to the airline, that is, it was a charter, private, therefore, to move more than 100 people back home: almost 60 from the first team, including players, coaching staff, props, some administrative staff and managers, in addition to the entire team of the Sub 20 and Sub 18. It is a common operation to rent these flights, it is a matter of logistics that is convenient for the clubs.

The problem is that Viva sold tickets to users of a flight that was already from Tigres, and that when they saw the situation, they loaded it to the felines when they did not even have a candle at the funeral. What’s more, my San Nico ear told me that they were waiting for an official announcement from the airline to clarify what happened. But I already went ahead and here you have it.


Where they just don’t see theirs is in Irapuato, which after throwing a tantrum for not meeting the requirements to play in the Expansión Em Ex, this weekend it was found that their stadium is indeed not a safe place, after the roof collapsed by the rains that hit the region. Check how it was.

The Trinca house could not withstand the weekend storm, the roof of Sergio León Chávez collapsed and now it turns out that due to ‘natural causes’ there is no guarantee that the insurance will cover the expenses to fix it.

The stadium recently received a ‘cat’s hand’ for 90 melons and not even then was it safe; The worst thing is that the club accused a deviation of almost 13 million pesos due to the embutacado, something that Mayor Ricardo Ortiz already came out to assure that it is a lie, that the team wanted the contract and that is why they now throw the stone. What a mess in the strawberry capital of the world, and so they are outraged because they were not allowed to enter the ‘Tobi Club’.


And I don’t want to end the column without showing the lack of class that former Pumas coach Ileana Dávila had in the TUDN broadcast, who crossed the line with Karina Báez, who succeeded her as a feline manager. It is true that the Women’s University Club is a disaster, which was exhibited before Rayadas, but instead of making a criticism as an expert, the former UNAM got tired of throwing garbage at the new boss, assuring that she was still “an auxiliary ”. There are ways and those of the former were menial.