2022 NFL Draft Winners and Losers: Giants, Jets Big Win; the titans retreat

Englandwood, Colo. – Russell Wilson Shortly before the second round, he entered the Broncos’ indoor training facility on Friday night. nfl draft It all started when his new team was preparing for the first selection of the weekend.

Wilson was fresh from practice and caught a ball while posing for two photos and chatting with team personnel. Wilson was smiling casually. His new bosses were general manager George Patton and coach Nathaniel Hockett.

The 2022 draft is terrible and requires a quarterback. Thanks to the March trade that brought Wilson from Seattle to Denver broncos Finally, the quarterback was among the Howes.

“We are very happy to be here,” Hackett said.

In the end, only one quarterback (Pittsburgh’s Kenny Pickett) steelmakers) Was selected in the first round. There were nine quarterbacks Taken as a set. When we finish the draft, we will not mention any of our winners.

So who did it better? And who is inferior?


The Baltimore Ravens: Our only criticism of the Ravens was that they upset the quarterback. lamar jackson By commercial recipient brown marquez For cardinals Thursday. Jackson, who tweeted “WTF,” didn’t seem happy about losing one of his closest friends, but it was hard to argue with the Ravens’ rationality. General Manager Eric DiCosta and his staff had the right pulse not only in the Wild Receiver market but also in the overall draft. They got back good value by moving Brown, finishing 23rd, Baltimore then No. Buffalo traded for 25 and 130.

Ravens came out of the draft:

Tyler LinderbamA planned start-up center.

kyle hamiltonSecurity on draft.

David OjaboA pass-rusher would have been a first-round draft pick had he not been subject to a torn Achilles tendon in March.

Daniel Fallele, huge attack received in the fourth round athletesDan Brookler plans to be an instant starter.

• And even a gambler, Jordan Stout.

The Ravens didn’t create a receiver, but DiCosta picked two tight ends on Day 3 to join the senior. Mark Andrews You are now in a deeper level group.

New York jet planes Y giants: The Jets and Giants have made the New York-New Jersey area the worst place for pro football in recent years, but there’s little to complain about on any team in this draft. Both had anywhere from two to 10 options, and both were able to pick elite defenders with big personalities for their first picks. The Jets took the corner Gardner Sauce No. At 4, and the Giants opted for a defensive end Caivon Thebodox At No. 5.

leadersdefensive plan: Chiefs general manager Brett Weich said it would be nice if the receiver didn’t overdo it and didn’t catch up to the shortstop late in the first round. Conversely, Kansas City drafted players at Cornerback in premium defensive positions. McDuffie Tendency and edge runner George CarlaoftisWith his pair of first-round picks.

Kansas City was able to get a receiver, sky moore, Second round. He will play the slots and will be a good companion for the physically grown. juju smith-suster Y Marquez Valdes-Scondling, whom the caciques added to free enterprise. We should not wait for Moore to fill up Mount Dyrek Values. This would be unfair to Moore, Andy Reid and Eric Painimi, as they could find different ways to use the new receivers.

houston texans: The Texans quietly had a strong draft. It all started with a somewhat surprising cornerback selection. Derek Stingley Jr. No. Continuing with the third and third days, Damien Pierce was withdrawn at the start of the fourth round.

The Texans’ rushing run last season was terrible. Don’t be surprised if the Pierce RB1 with the minicom ends up being the popular fantasy football pick of the summer and a true three-run bag option.

Poor family: Steelers football continues to lean on the family proverb. On Saturday, Pittsburgh made a tough decision with the younger brother of senior defensive edge Connor Hayward. cameron hayward. Haywards are now the third brothers on the Steelers roster along with TJ derek watt and Terrell and trey edmunds.

THE rams: Have you seen his house in the Hollywood Hills? Only the Rams learn the epidemic lesson that the draft can be run anywhere and turned around. They also traded the 2023 fifth-round pick. browns – They choose, right? – To Cleveland for Cornerback trojan hillWho left the Rams as a free agent in 2021. Welcome home, Troy.

This is a great draft for Georgia players, including No. 1 Big Travan Walker. (Gary Vasquez/USA Today)

Georgia Bulldogs: Five first-round players from the University of Georgia started. At the end of the draft, 15 players Their names were called by the Georgia championship team, including Edge. travan walker No. In 1. This is five more than Alabama’s mounted class of 2017 and one more than LSU’s star-studded class of 2020 joe burrow.

drawn lock I gene smith: We should not completely rule out the possibility that Seahawks Addition of a senior quarterback (baker mayfield Y jimmy caropolo Available later this spring, but they’ve left the draft without a new player to compete with Lock or Smith for the starting job. Seattle had multiple chances to pick one, two picks in the second round and a third before that. Desmond Rider Not Atlanta. 74 became the second QB off the board.

It’s hard to believe that Pete Carroll and John Schneider were ready to advance to their first quarter in 2022 with either Locke or Smith. They have sent a clear message about their intentions in the draft.

Experts: The fourth round featured as close to a pro run as we could see in the draft, with a kicker (Gate York, Cleveland) and a pair of punters (from Stout, Baltimore and Jack Comerta to Tampa Bay) picking 124 and 133. Still thus, it wasn’t much of a surprise to draw two punters in the fourth round. San Diego State’s Matt Arisa isn’t one of them in the epic moniker “Punt God.” He fell to the sixth round, where he was selected Bills At No. 180.


justin fields: The Bears And Fields, the 2021 first-round pick, was among our draft winners a year ago. That was a long, long time ago. If he expected the Bears to use their limited 2022 draft capital to help Fields, he’d be disappointed. (Unable to get additional options when trading bears nick foles – Yes, it was still on his list – and he admitted on Saturday night. Release Senior Quarterback.)

The Bears’ first two choices were defensive backs, and their first attacking player was drafted, with receiver Wallace Jones Jr. receiving one of them. poor standards of the weekend athletesSheel Kapadya. The Bears didn’t draft an attacking lineman until the fifth round. Good luck, Justin!

Treylon Burks is a good option, but he’s still not at AJ Brown’s level. (Nelson Senald/USA Today)

tennessee titans: The Titans aren’t a better team now than they were before the draft. That’s what happens when you’re Trade A great receiver like AJ Brown during the first round. Created a replacement for Tennessee Brown Troylan Burkes, which remains the AFC No. 1 seed’s toughest play to the stomach. The Malik Willis Picking in the third round is an interesting option because he’ll actually have time to grow in Tennessee, but this isn’t a move that will get the 2022 Titans team to the Super Bowl.

miami dolphins: Dolphins fans got their first look at Dyrek Hill in a Miami uniform last week, but Hill’s trade destroyed the team’s draft class. The Dolphins made just four picks this week. It would be great for an assembled team that needs one or two more players to be a title contender. But they are not the dolphins.

We’re still not sold on the third round Georgia Linebacker By Saning Dindal As a great attacking player beyond special teams.

(Cavon Thebotox Photo: Kirby Lee/USA Today)

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2022 NFL Draft Winners and Losers: Giants, Jets Big Win; the titans retreat