Young college basketball player killed in Harlem shooting

A shooting in Harlem shortly after midnight left one person dead and eight people injured.

Police identified the deceased as Darius Lee, a college basketball player who was on vacation.

The events took place during a Father’s Day celebration in an open space on 139th Street and 5th Avenue in Harlem.

During a press conference, the head of the Manhattan Detective Department, Brian McGee, explained that the nine people affected in the shooting were 2 women and 7 men.

The injured were taken to Harlem Hospital, while the victim was pronounced dead upon arrival at Lincoln Hospital.

The victim’s former coach, Chris Williams, mourned the loss of what he called a star from high school where he was his coach.

“It’s more than a tragedy,” Williams said after recounting that Lee was on vacation from college having a good time with his friends.

It is still unknown what motivated the shooting and who or who were responsible.

The NYPD posted a message on social media with a photo of a gun found at the scene.

Victor Gómez comes from Washington Heights to work in the community twice a week and says that the security situation in the city is very worrying.

“One feels bad, at least one who has children, one is even afraid to go to the park, it will be one to stay at home,” said Gómez.

While David, who works in the area, says that the fact that it happened in a park is worse.

“It would be good if there were a little more control in the parks, more police guarding the parks,” said David. “That there is more supervision of people and children especially, because this thing is not good for the future of the children because everything they see they want to practice”.

The case remains under investigation and the police ask for the community’s collaboration. If you have any information that may help in the investigation of the case, please call 1-888-57 PISTA.

“You can receive a CASH reward for information without even giving your name,” the NYPD says in a social media message.


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Young college basketball player killed in Harlem shooting