With Flowers for the Prado

The game started better due to the visit that gave the local rhythm. Zanotta from the base with quick transitions plus good input from Aguilera quickly opened six 12-6. The Sorcerer asked for a minute, accommodated in defense and his team adjusted, but they depended almost exclusively on the triple, because most of their points were from that sector, (12-11). The closing was all of the mirasol with Zanotta handling the baton and Roberts being enormous in the painting as if that were not enough, a triple withering of Flowers was added on the buzzer that lowered the curtain of the first boy 22-14.

The second quarter maintained the same tonic because López planted a double base with Zanotta and García that gave them results, Capitol from the bench found solutions with Dickson with two bombs in a row to put himself into play since Thomas got infected from his countryman and in a blink of an eye those of the Prado were put to two (29-27). The aurinegro put the ball back on the post with Roberts and Flowers and there he continued with differences, the local stopped in the zone but little could solve. So the visit went up the first half 33-27.

The third quarter was undoubtedly the most attractive. Peñarol did very well with Flowers taking over in attack and opened 12 (39-27). From there Capitol changed its attitude, it caught on in defense and in attack Demian was intractable, Dickson was decisive and they put a quick 10-2 to return to the game. The charcoal burner had tools to respond to Flowers fundamental and Roberts in the paint, but the entry of Mateo Giano from the corner stood out, he put a triple that looked like a dagger and in defense he did not let Demian make contact with the ball added to the fact that Liggins assumed more Peñarol controlled the actions although those of the Hermanos Gil street did not give up and went only five points down to 55-50.

The final ten minutes were opened to a pure bomb for Peñarol with Giano and Flowers to take the maximum of 14 in the blink of an eye, 66-52. Capitol threw the rest, Thomas looked at one by one and Harrison when he opened took advantage, but the aurinegro handled the ball with Garcia, Giano and mainly Zanotta at speed with layup conversions. In the final three minutes, the López seal was seen in Peñarol, a lot of defense that caused losses of the ball in the premises and reassuring income (74-67). There with the clock in his favor, the mirasol dominated the actions, Capitol sought to reduce but did not give it. It was a triumph from start to finish for those led by Pablo López 78-73.

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With Flowers for the Prado