“When I renewed with Real Madrid I never thought I could make it to the NBA”

Facundo Campazzo lives at the age of 30 one of the sweetest moments of his career. Very important player in one of the leading NBA teams such as the Denver Nuggets, and a true banner of his national team, he is in a position that he did not even dream of a few seasons ago, he was speaking on the show Milenium Sports where he left several appointments in which He reviews the news of his career, and the way in which he lived his arrival in the best league in the world.

CampazzoAmong many other things, he confirmed that he never imagined a while ago that he could reach the position he is in today: “I think the analysis is positive, learning: when the World Cup in China started, I renewed with Madrid and I never thought I could get to the NBA.”

The Denver Arrival Process

Campazzo He talked about how he lived those moments and how he managed a moment of so much pressure: “A good season with Madrid that helped me want to keep climbing and the important moment of the decision to try to do everything to get to the NBA in which my family supported me. I made the decision to try and now I’m having a good time, having fun and making mistakes, but they have been two years of super positive balance “.

The Facu also valued its evolution since arrival at the NBA: “I believe that I am a better player and that I grew up. Hopefully I can continue learning and growing.”

His passage through Argentina

The point guard of the Nuggets, has returned to his native country after practically 2 years without doing so. This trip has a very clear meaning: to gather strength and disconnect to continue with the path that the Argentine player decided to take almost two years ago: “I haven’t been to Argentina for two years and I wanted to visit family, friends and unplug a bit from basketball to relax a bit.”

Although Campazzo is enjoying these days, he is already thinking about returning to the routine and continue with its evolution process: “I haven’t stopped for two years, but I like that dynamic of training and not resting too much: after spending a week without doing anything, it’s hard for me, it’s like I like to move a little and so on. They were two long and hard years in which beautiful and very important things happened to me ”.