welcome back

Frugoni street was dyed with a full house for the game that would mark the return to El Metro of one of the two teams present. The precision was not the highlight in a start, where both collided successively before the 5×5. Newsome was the one with the most clarity at the start, making his folder weigh, to add up front. Jacinto Vera’s man managed to score parity with Leandro playing with ball in hand, coming out of the direct curtains that Borrallo proposed. But the blue lacked successes from outside and in return, “W” had them in the hands of Grolla and Wohlwend, when the defense closed in the zone before the departure of Nicoletti. The Welcomense with a good closing of the first boy, opened 9 units (19-10).

In the rotation, the man from Parque Rodó took advantage. He had a good income from Ramírez, marking a presence on bass and a Rocha who did not even let Emilio receive. On the other side, Leandro’s departure was felt by the Briñón team, which was left without a generation, with the entry of Sánchez, who could not carry the role of the youngest of the Taboadas. Cavalli ended the triple drought after a timeout, in a game that increased offensive efficiency. The presence of Mono was key to ending the rival’s streak, securing rebounds on his hoop and driving his team’s counterattacks from there. Newsome’s return was another key factor in the best moment of Barbieri’s team, adding, being key in the defense of the blockade and also taking the third from Borrallo. Forcefully, Welcome went into halftime winning by 15.

A triple by Emilio after coming out of the curtain kept alive the hope of a team led by Jacinto Vera, who corrected the defense of the blockade, with situations of change that blocked the player from Frugoni street. After going through an offensive hole, Cavalli put an answered bomb to break the double-digit difference. However, the homeowner knew how to better read Newsome’s advantage on the bass and with airlifts for him, he retook 16 rent. Araujo added a long double after minute, putting El Metro close to welcoming Welcome. In turn, Yale continued to suffer from its low percentages from outside and also when visiting the line. Barbieri had an ideal relay in Ramírez with which Welcomense stretched the income to 21 (56-35), with ten to play.

Wohlwend dispelled all doubts with a bombshell in a last quarter that had several minutes left over, gradually unleashing the fan party, who with encouragement and flares welcomed El Metro 2023.

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welcome back